What is the Best Blue Max Chainsaw?

Blue Max manufactures a range of different chainsaws that come in all different price ranges. However, to say which one of these is unanimously the best is difficult as this very much depends on the individual and what they will be using the power tool for. For example, a cheaper, less powerful one is better suited to a new or occasional chainsaw user rather than an expensive and highly powerful chainsaw that is suited to an experienced or even professional chainsaw user.

Some of the best Blue Max chainsaw models include the Blue Max 18″ 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw, the Blue Max 22″ Gas Powered Chainsaw, the Blue Max 20″ AND 14″ Gas Powered Chainsaw, the Blue Max 20″ 51.5cc Gas Chainsaw, and the Blue Max 14-Inch 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw. Although all of these are really good quality power tools that are capable of doing most jobs when it comes to cutting bushes and trees, there is one of these that we think is better than the rest.

This is the Blue Max 22″ Gas Powered Chainsaw. What we particularly like about this model is that it has a large 22 inch long bar, which makes it ideal for cutting down thick trees with. So for anyone that either owns a large wooded area or works as a professional arborist, this is a good choice of chainsaw. Similarly, because it is gas powered, it has all of the power needed to do these types of large scale cutting jobs. So that it is kept in good condition, the chainsaw has an automatic oiling system.

However, this system does not have a clear window that lets you look into it to monitor the level of oil, so you will have to do this, along with checking the gas level, manually instead. So that you get the ratio of gas to oil correct for the chainsaw, you will need to look through the user manual that comes with it. Coming with a number of different safety features, you can rest assured that whenever you are using the power tool, you are safe from harm or any other danger.

These include the likes of a kickback brake and a vibration minimizing system. However, because it is quite heavy, it may put some people off of using it. Another downside to the Blue Max 22″ Gas Powered Chainsaw is that upon opening the box, some of the screws on the power tool can be loose, although this is a quick and easy thing to rectify. With only these two small drawbacks, this chainsaw really is a good quality product that is suitable for most individuals.

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