What is the Best Web Host To Choose In Kenya

Which is the best web host that you should choose right now? There are so many web hosting providers in Kenya, but each has its advantages over the other. Web servers provide many services and tools for developing, administering, and monitoring websites. If you are one of the individuals who want to take their business online, you are on the right guide, but first, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of before deciding on which provider you should spend your money on.

There are four sorts of web server solutions on the market, depending on the objective project: shared hosting (which is more popular since it is less expensive), dedicated servers, VPS (virtual private servers), and cloud development solutions.

Most consumers will choose their hosting based on projected performance and project budget. Several aspects, including the tariff, technical capabilities, and related services, will be vital in determining the best option. A quick peek at current promos and special pricing may often tip the scales between the web server solutions.

Read to the end of the article to understand which solution will serve all your needs very well.


Hostinger is a Lithuanian hosting firm with its headquarters and one of its data facilities. If just for data management, the lack of servers on Kenyan territory may deter more than one. However, this has little effect on website performance. The platform is simply one of the quickest web providers on the market.

In addition, the provider is well-positioned on all fronts, with a diverse selection of services that cater to both professional and personal needs. There are also shared hosting options, Minecraft-specific subscriptions, and VPS. They offer aggressive pricing, sometimes with year-long discounts. However, be wary: it, like many other hosting companies, does not hesitate to provide indexed costs over time. You may try out the free hosting 000Webhost, which is responsible for making this host famous. With a database, 1 GB of dynamic storage is made accessible, enabling you to install WordPress.


HostPinnacle has some appealing features: on the one hand, it is the cheapest web host available in Kenya. Because it is from Kenya, your personal information will be stored there. These data centers have Tier IV certification. According to the host, efficient infrastructures utilize up to 70% less energy. HostPinnacle, like Hostinger, depends on a large number of memberships. We may locate Linux or Windows hosting and offerings tailored to specific CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, or Magento.

The platform also offers a variety of dedicated servers, cloud or VPS hosting, and other services such as SEO optimization and website design. It is the most acceptable web host for whom a decent performance/price ratio is most important. Credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, and even M-PESA are all accepted by HostPinnacle. They provide unlimited databases, 99.9% uptime, free SSL certificates, and many more benefits.


The Kenya hosting company True Host servers are located in Kenya as it is a valid host cloud. Since its launch in Kenya in 2016, True Host has been focusing on simplicity while wishing to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

 Indeed, it does not target novices or seasoned users. We find a unique solution with almost everything unlimited if no free offer is offered. In other words, we mean that there is unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited subdomains, and many more.

Users will benefit from technical support 24/7 for incidents, including those that do not depend on the host, such as web mastering errors and site configuration. As of writing this article, they are currently offering a one-time offer that starts as low as KSH 372 per month. The platform accepts payments by credit cards, PayPal MPESA, and bank transfers.

SASA Host Limited

With over ten years of experience, Sasa Host is most likely one of the country’s leading hosting companies. The SASA host offers very reasonable prices, with the lowest plans beginning at KSH 3000 PA. If the server does not give free storage, we will not count the static 10 MB connected with a domain name. Still, the wonderful thing about this service is that they provide an entire CMS setup in one click and the ability to install multiple sites, different databases, and SSL certificates.

Sasa Host fights for individual rights and liberties and equitable access to emerging technology. This hosting company has created its server cooling system to minimize data center energy usage dramatically. They accept credit cards, bank transfers, and even MPESA payments.

EAC directory

Specialized in unlimited web hosting solutions at attractive rates, EAC is a Kenyan web hosting company that has been in the country for a very long time. The provider is a pioneer in eco-responsible practices. The hosting company provides SME Hosting, Corporate Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Register Domains, Domains Pricing, Google Workspace, and SSL Security.

If the performance is at the rendezvous, we wonder about the availability of its servers. The host claims an access rate of 99.9%. This could correspond to either a Tier III (99.982%) or Tier IV (99.995%) certification with 96 or 25 minutes of annual inaccessibility. The pricing is also user-friendly, with the lowest being at Ksh 79 a month for SME Hosting.


It will be tough for you to locate appropriate options in the market if you are a newbie to Web hosting. Because, as we discussed before in this essay, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There is no such thing as the most incredible web host; you must choose a package that fits your size requirements while staying within your budget. When looking for server solutions, knowing the required disk space, the nature of the storage, the kind of CPU, the quantity of RAM, and the available bandwidth are all important considerations.

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