What is the Meaning of One Cut in Sportybet?

One Cut, or Cut One, as it is called in some cases, is one of the newest introductions to the online betting market in Ghana that compensates customers when their accumulators miss out by just one game. It is becoming increasingly popular in Ghana, with many betting companies now integrating the feature into their sites.

One of the first sites to jump on the cut-one trend is SportyBet, giving their users the chance to claim some winnings from their bets when their multibet fails by the odd game.

Along with SportyBet, quite a few of the other 30 plus active betting sites in the country, including top guns Betway and 1xBet, have also added cut one to their list of betting features. It is hardly surprising that Ghana’s biggest betting sites are implementing these additions to their system. The market is extremely competitive, and they have got to move with the times if they are to remain amongst the best betting companies in Ghana.

Because of the newness of the cut one feature, many Ghanaian bettors are still not sure of how it works. Based on our interactions with punters and observations on Social Media, bettors have found it difficult to work out the cut one feature particularly on SportyBet.

Hence, we have written this article in an attempt to simplify things and help you understand the SportyBet Cut One feature.

What is Cut One?

The first thing we need to explain is the concept of Cut One. It’s pretty much self explanatory. Cut one is the feature that ensures that you get some money back in the unfortunate event that one game cuts your ticket.

While many betting sites now have the cut one feature, different bookies use it in different ways.

For example, some betting sites would simply return your stake, while others may recalculate your winning odds and pay out the new sum. The common factor with cut one is that you get to receive some compensation when one game cuts your ticket. And in most cases, the money you receive is at the very least, equal to your stake amount.

What is Cut One in SportyBet?

The cut one feature in SportyBet returns your stake if your accumulator loses by one game. It is like a safety net that insures your bet and safeguards against near misses. The prize is obviously much lower than what you would have won had all your selections been successful, but it is better than going away with nothing.

So if you stake GHC 100 on a bet and activate the cut one feature, you will receive the full GHS 100 if one game cuts your ticket.

Also, by activating the cut one feature on your sportybet betslip, you are opting out of the accumulator bonus. What this means is that if you check the cut-one box and end up winning all the games in your ticket, your winnings would be lower than it would have been if you hadn’t activated the feature..

For example, if you place a GHS 100 on an accumulator of 10 odds on SportyBet, your potential winnings would be GHS 1000 plus your accumulator bonus, which can be up to 1000% depending on the number of games on your ticket.

However, if you opt for the cut one feature, you’d have to forfeit the accumulator bonus. So effectively, you have to choose between insuring your bet with the cut one feature and taking a chance with the acca bonus.

How to Use Cut One on SportyBet

Now that you know the meaning of cut one on sportybet, let’s now take you through how to use the feature on the site.

  1. Log in to your sportybet account 
  2. Select your games – make sure you select at least three games on your ticket
  3. At the bottom of your betslip, tick the box tagged “One Cut”
  4. After doing this, you will be able to see your cut one winnings
  5. Also, your potential winnings will be adjusted to exclude the accumulator bonus when you select the cut one feature
  6. Go ahead and place your bets

It is important to note that SportyBet gifts and free bets cannot be used in conjunction with the cut one feature. Also, bets marked as cut one cannot be cashed out. You cannot apply cut one to in-play wagers.

Flexible Bet on SportyBet

Flexible bet on Sportybet is just an extension of cut one. With this feature, you have the option of choosing a larger safety net for your accumulator bets. So instead of having one game cut, Flexible Bet allows you to choose two game cut, three game cut and more, depending on how safe you want to be. This feature is particularly great for long accumulators given the increased potential for multiple games spoiling your ticket.

This feature can be found right at the bottom of your betslip, to the left of the one game cut box. By checking that box, you have activated the feature.

However, note that as you widen that safety net, the value of your potential winnings reduces. So if you end up getting all the games correctly, your payout will be much lower that what it would have been had you not activated the Flexible Bet feature.

As we close, we hope we have been able to clarify how cut one works in SportyBet. This is a feature that will save bettors a lot of heartbreak and money in the coming months. And when you do place those wagers, remember to gamble responsibly.

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