What to look out for when buying a UK used iPhone in Nigeria

Have you been longing to get an iPhone?

If you are an iPhone lover, this will help you know in detail all you have to look out for before you buy one.

In this present time, iPhone has become the most preferred phone than other products. For a typical Nigerian who is thinking of getting an iPhone, you should buy a UK-used phone.

Before you purchase an iPhone, it is good you get the one that is not beyond your budget.

In the Nigeria market, UK used phones are most common. The brand new in hones are more expensive than the UK used ones, this is why many Nigerians go for it.

When you hear of UK used products, it’s clear that they have been used in the United Kingdom before it is being sent to Nigeria.

Although, there are lots of fake iPhones in the market. For this reason, we are here to help you with tips so you don’t fall victim of buying a fake product. While considering buying a UK used iPhone, you need to conclude on the type of iPhone you want. When you don’t decide on this first, making a choice can be difficult, especially when you get to the iPhone store.

After you must have decided on the type of iPhone device you want, here are things you should look out for…

Check the body of the iPhone if it still looks new

UK used iPhones are usually as new as the brand new ones. Do not ignore this because the phone is cheap.

Don’t buy any phone with scratches on it, or that looks over used. Your phones will always represent you always when you go out. Also ensure there are no damages on the phone screen.

Ensure the iPhone is not duplicated

There are many fake iPhone products today in the market. You need to be careful while planning on getting one.

Another question is how do you know a fake iPhone? Whatever kind of phone you intend buying, make a research on the features. This will help your detect the type you should buy.

Check the iCloud of the iPhone inorder to detect of it is locked

Some of this devices could be stolen, so it is a must for you to check the iCloud. The Apple incorporation site has all the information about iPhone. All iPhone devices has an IMEI number which can help you detect if it is locked. You can make use of this websites https://www.icloud.com to verify if the device is locked You can also verify the ESN or MEID Numbers using same website.

It is also possible for you to detect this using the Apple Activation Lock Status Tool.

Go through the Phone Camera

The iPhone camera is one of the most important feature that you need to go through before purchasing one. The camera is very nice, it has good picture and video quality. You should ensure that the camera is working perfectly fine. The picture quality of a UK used iPhone and brand new are of same quality.

Check the Network Carrier of the iPhone

The truth is that not all iPhones can carry all networks, and some of these devices are restricted to some network carrier.

An iPhone can only work with a particular network when it is locked.

Go through the 3D and touch ID feature

3D features of an iPhone differs from the ID feature. This features makes it easy for you to operate your iPhone, and you can either use the soft or hard feature while operating it.

It is also crucial that you know how to operate an iPhone using both features.

Test all functions of the iPhone before you pay for it. You must check the duration of the device battery, the headphone and charging ports, WiFi connection, Bluetooth, GPS, and all the phone button. You should also test the speaker quality of the device. To be sure of the speaker quality, try making a call with the phone, that way you will know the sound quality.

 When you do all these listed, you won’t fall victim to buying a stolen phone device.

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