What To Watch on Netflix: 5 Sites to Help You Decide

Are you not sure of what to watch on Netflix? Do you need help finding the right movies or series to watch on Netflix? Or do you have movies or series in mind, but you do not know which one to decide and watch? If you have any of these questions, then continue reading, and let’s find out how to help you.

We have been to a point where we find it difficult to decide what to watch on Netflix. This happens almost every time you pick up your phone, computer, or TV remote to watch something on Netflix unless you are a movie geek who knows every movie and even that, sometimes you face some challenges.

As we all know, Netflix is one of the biggest and most used movie streaming platforms in the world. Even though it is a paid movie streaming platform, Netflix can compete with some of the free movie streaming platforms when it comes to the number of active users on the platform.

The reason why the platform has this large number of active users is because of the vast range of movies, series, and documentaries available on the platform. This also makes it a bit difficult when choosing what to watch at a particular time.

Therefore, to help you easily decide on what to watch on Netflix, this article is going to recommend to you some 5 sites to help you decide on what to watch on Netflix.

5 Sites to Help You Decide on What To Watch on Netflix

1. FlixWatch

FlixWatch is one of the biggest online sites that help users to decide on what to watch on Netflix at any time. Unlike some of the other sites, we will discuss in this guide, FlixWatch does not give you just a few movies or series recommendations at a time but instead gives you several movies or series for you to choose from.

This classification is done based on the basis of your country of residence and the genre you like. Under each country’s sub-section lists the top best 50 movies or series in genres like comedy, action, drama, crime, family, documentaries, etc. Also, the list gives you brief details about the movie or series like the title, release year, creator(s), and a brief description.

If you find one that suits your preference, you can simply click on the Watch On Netflix link which will send you directly to Netflix to watch.

2. What The Hell Should I Watch On Netflix

Just as the name suggests, “What The Hell Should I Watch On Netflix” is a site that gives you recommendations on what to watch on Netflix. Instead of adding several filters and genres to determine the movie that will be good for you, “What The Hell Should I Watch On Netflix” focuses on how to give you your recommendation fast and simple.

To begin with, you must choose whether you want to watch movies or series, or just anything at random. Next, you can choose the genre you want like comedy, action, drama, crime, family, documentaries, etc. Afterward, you will get a recommendation, complete with a trailer and a recommendation.

3. Flixable

Flixable is an improvement of the search option available on Netflix. On the default Netflix search bar, the customizations available are very few and as such limit you on what to search for and also what to watch.

On Flixable, you have the complete freedom to choose what you want to search for like movies or TV series, and you can also make sure any search only surfaces options with high IMDb rating, choose the genre, and also the time period.

Not only can you search for movies that were released recently, but you can also search as far back as movies released in the early 1990s. Once you have specified your search filters, the movies or series which match your criteria will be listed for you.

4. Netflix-Codes

You might have been aware that Netflix uses a strange system to categorize its movies and series. To help you locate the categories of movies and series, Netflix-Codes will provide you with a code for every category of movie or tv series.

To begin, go to the site, scroll through and find the category of movie or tv series you want to watch on Netflix. Open a Netflix and put the code in the search bar or visit Netflix on your browser by using the link Netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX, where XXXX is the code of the category you want to watch.

5. Dinggo (Mobile App)

The last but not least site on our list today is Dinggo. If you have ever used the popular dating app Tinder before then you are going to enjoy using Dinggo. Dinggo works like how you find dates on Tinder, all you have to do is to swipe left or right to find movies or series.

This is not a site but an app. The reason why I added it is because it comes with features that make it a good fit for our discussion. To get started all you must do is download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Select your favourite genre and sub-genres and then you can view the recommended movies or series by just swiping.


The use of these sites wouldn’t have been necessary if the recommendation system on Netflix worked very well. But we are hoping that this will be improved as time goes on but for now these sites are the best way to go if you want to find something to watch on Netflix that suits what you want.

Read through this guide carefully and you will find the best site to make your decision. Whatever you decide, let us know in the comments section below, and let’s find out what most of you like.

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