What We Learned From Ghana’s Google Search History for January 2019

January was an interesting month for Ghanaians with a lot of ups and downs. As the first month of the year, Ghanaians had a lot to talk about.

But what information were Ghanaians interested in for the month? To know what really a lot of us here in Ghana have been searching, we resorted to Google Trends.

Here is what we discovered:

Jobs in Ghana

It is no news that a lot of the youth are still searching for jobs eagerly. And nowadays, there is nowhere to get the latest job postings than online portals.

From the search data we gathered, a lot of Ghanaians are actively searching for jobs via Google Search and there seem to be no end in sight as the query was a regular in 2018.

Hopefully, more people find the jobs they want.

Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment

This one is closely linked to the first term. However, what makes it unique is it’s a quick rise to the top of things searched on Google by Ghanaians as a stand-alone term,

It appears a lot of Ghanaians love the army and are looking for ways to join.

Public Holidays in Ghana

This one is interesting. It appears that after the December holidays, Ghanaians have fallen in love so much with the enjoyment that they want to know what days there would be more holidays,

Another reason this term could have come up will be the new January 7th Holiday that was observed this year.

Well, the bad news, for those who wanted more days off, in that there is no holiday in February.

Found any surprises on the list?

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