What we learnt from the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event

Ladies and Gentlemen, tech enthusiasts, the most anticipated smartphone of the year have been revealed and it was definitely worth the wait. A broader look at the event, makes the Samsung event look like a direct response to Apple with the release of three new phones, earbuds with wireless charging and the new galaxy watches. Here are the main features of the Galaxy unpacked.

The earbuds are a more revamped version of Apple’s air pods and come with much anticipated wireless charging cases and give 6 hours of use per charge. The fact that the core of the sound system was built by AKG means the sound can be guaranteed to be epic, to say the least. The ergonomic design ensures the earbuds don’t fall out during vigorous exercise but have a nice aesthetic look to them The seamless and easy connection to the tab 5se shows that it’s going to work for mainly Apple devices and that Samsung is keen on building its own ecosystem to rival Apple.

The new galaxy watches, fully expected to be introduced in combination with galaxy fit shoes but then failed to arrive at the party may be debuted at the Mobile World Congress scheduled for next week. The watches arrive in two forms; the action for an everyday look and the fit for the gym gang. Both watches are extremely lightweight, slim come with water resistance and a week of use per single charge as a really cool add on. A heart rate count is an added functionality and then there is stress measurement (a feature the Garmin Vivoactive 3 came with last year ) which is supposed to help you keep down stress. Basically, the watches check all the boxes and are only differentiated from in each other in looks.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

A look at this phone and clearly you can see that Samsung did their homework on this design after low s9 sales. With an all-new dynamic AMOLED, a right-sided Infinity O display cutout(which houses the front camera) and a 6.1” edge to edge side to side, the phone looks absolutely gorgeous with a firm touch. The leaks pretty much got everything right but seen up close and in better image quality just reiterates the stunning design.

Samsung is pretty much unrivalled in terms of display and an HDR10+ screen with 42% less blue light and 551 PPI just solidify Samsung’s hold on the crown. The images showed appear to be much brighter in colour and more vibrant. An all-new ultrasonic(faster and safer) fingerprint scanner is also in the display rather than at the back in previous models. The back of the phone comes in 3 other variants(prism black, prism blue, flamingo pink and prism green and yellow) and has a ceramic black or white variant for the higher end 12 GB/ 1TB option/

The back of the phone has a new ultrawide 16-megapixel lens with an angle of 123 degrees which is pretty great for taking landscape photos in addition to the telephoto lens for better zoom and the regular 12-megapixel camera. Reverse Power share is a feature that allows you to wirelessly charge another device from the back of the phone. It was first seen in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro but is also included in the new S10 as well which is very handy.

The S10 E comes at $750 ( same as iPhone XR) while the base option for the S10 starts at $900 and the S10 plus with a double front camera starts at $1000 which is by no means cheap considering the Dollar-Cedi rate.

The icing on the cake was the Galaxy Fold which is a 4.6” display when folded but a 7.3” tablet when opened up. The phone allowed 3 app multitasking with a seemingly smooth experience even when changing from the single screen to the double screen. The 5G S10 was also shown with a bigger 6.7” display but with all the base specifications.

And that rounds up the Galaxy Unpacked. Next stop, Mobile World Congress. Until then, please subscribe for more Tech news.

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