WhatsApp Recall: (Delete for Everyone): “Unsend” messages

WhatsApp has come to stay and here at Mfidie.com, we make it a point to update you on the latest WhatsApp Updates. Today we look at the most interesting update to hit WhatsApp after the “status” update and the live location sharing. This one is known as the “Recall”,”Unsend” or “Delete for Everyone” feature. Simply put, it helps you to delete messages you sent by mistake (if you are fast enough).

Why the Recall or Delete for Everyone Feature?

Sometimes, when using WhatsApp or any other Instant Messaging Application for that matter, you may end up sending a message to a person who is not the intended recipient or sending the wrong message to the right person, which could lead to a long explanation.

A solution to this problem is having the ability to recall a message that you send to the wrong recipient to save face or an explanation. WhatsApp has a solution to this and it is called Delete for Everyone, and was previously known as unsend or recall but it is available for a few Beta Users of the App.

According to WABetaInfo, on the Android app (version 2.17.235), they were able to use the Recall feature. The feature is disabled by default by now which means we will have to wait for a server-side update later on when WhatsApp is done testing it on the beta channel.

How does the WhatsApp Recall or Delete for Everyone Feature work on WhatsApp?

In preparation for an eventual roll-out of the Recall feature, WhatsApp published a FAQ article detailing the yet-to-be-released feature which divulges interesting features about it. The FAQ is no longer available on WhatsApp’s site but here are some of the points in it.

  • You can only recall a message for up to 5 minutes after sending and once the five minutes are over you will not be able to recall a message.
  • Both you and your recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.
  • Recipients might see the message before you recall them or if the recall is not successful, so do it fast.
  • WhatsApp will notify you if a delete for everyone was not successful.
  • If the sender queries for a recall, you as the recipient will be notified with a “This message was deleted” message.

How to perform “Delete for Everyone” (WhatsApp Recall) on Android, iOS and Windows

  • On Android, tap and hold the message, tap the delete button and hit “Delete for Everyone”.On iPhone and Windows Phone, just tap and hold the message to highlight it then tap recall.
  • On iPhone and Windows Phone, just tap and hold the message to highlight it then tap “Delete for Everyone”.
A demonstration of the WhatsApp "Delete for Everyone" feature
A demonstration of the WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” feature

Download WhatsApp Beta to get the feature now

You can Download the WhatsApp Beta to get the feature now. Click on these:

  1. APK Mirror WhatsApp Beta Download
  2. APK Mirror WhatsApp Beta Download (1 Click)

If the “1 Click” link does not work, use the first link.

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