When will WAEC Release 2023 BECE Results? New Update

The 2023 BECE Results have been confirmed to be released on 13th November 2023. You can buy a checker by dialing *790*024# to avoid shortages.

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is a crucial examination for students in Ghana as it determines their eligibility to enter into Senior High School. Many students and guardians have been eagerly asking when the results of the BECE 2023 will be released and the answer is finally here!

The Ministry of Education had previously stated that the results of the BECE 2023, which was written in August 2023, will be released by November 2023. And it’s true! The results were released on 9th November 2023!

According to the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), the results of the BECE are typically released 90 days after the last paper. We can now confirm that the 2023 BECE results was released on November 9th, 2023.

It’s important to note that WAEC only works on weekdays, which means that weekends and holidays are not included in the 90-day period. But, no need to worry as the enrollment period for Senior High School has not begun and WAEC is known to stick to the 90-day convention. So, the results will be out soon!

All BECE 2023 candidates and guardians should be excited and wait patiently for an official statement from WAEC regarding the release date of the 2023 BECE results. It is important to be aware of the 90-day convention and potential delays due to weekends and holidays.

But, no need to worry as the results will be out soon! Congratulations to all the students who took the examination, the hard work has paid off!

How to be updated about BECE Results Release News

To know if the BECE results have been released, you can follow these steps:

  • Keep an eye on news outlets for announcements.
  • Dial *790*024# and Choose BECE 2023
  • Check social media for a release statement from WAEC.
  • Follow the Ministry of Education’s social media accounts for notifications.

How to check BECE 2023 Results

To check your BECE results, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an e-voucher by purchasing it at any authorized outlet or by dialing *790*024# and using MoMo via SMS.
  2. Go to the WAEC results checker online portal: eresults.waecgh.org
  3. Enter your index number, select “BECE”, the examination year 2023, and enter your date of birth as used for your BECE registration.
  4. Enter the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN from the e-voucher, verify the information is correct, and click submit.
  5. Wait for the results to appear on the next window and print them.

What to do when BECE Results are released

When the BECE 2023 results are released, you can follow these steps:

  • Locate your index number.
  • Purchase a WAEC Voucher that includes a SERIAL NUMBER and PIN from an approved sales outlet, internet café, or WAEC office.
  • Check your results online using the voucher information.

What to do after the release of the BECE Results

After checking your BECE results, you can take the following steps to prepare for your Senior High School journey:

  • Reflect on your results and understand what they mean for your future.
  • Do not lose hope if your results are not what you expected, placement can come to you regardless of your results, so keep your options open.
  • Use your results as a guide to make informed decisions about your next steps.

In Ghana, the pass mark for the BECE is not clearly defined. Previously, when free SHS was not yet in session, the cut-off point for BECE was aggregate 25.

However, with the new implementation, there is no exact cut-off point. Although the results are graded from 1 to 9 per subject, the enrollment in Senior High School is done using the candidate’s raw score. Keep your head up and move forward with confidence!

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