Where can you find wholesale CBD providers in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the latest major cities to feel the CBD boom. For a long time, the region’s strict laws against illegal drugs seemed to catch the wellness compound in a net of “guilt by association.”

But with the rise of CBD’s popularity worldwide—coupled with a strong historical tradition of natural healing—the compound is finding a robust and exciting market in the Fragrant Harbor.

If you’re an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and want to get into the CBD business, your first step is to find a good CBD wholesaler. That may seem to be a difficult task, given the number of potential wholesalers.

Here’s how to find a good wholesale CBD Hong Kong provider. 

The Legality Of The Product

Hong Kong has very strict laws against certain drugs, known as the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (DDO). 

Cannabidiol is not included under the DDO:

“Cannabidiol (CBD) is one cannabinoid and is not psychoactive and does not have abusive potential. CBD is not a dangerous drug and is not controlled under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (DDO).” 

– from HK Government Information.

But regulations are very strict when it comes to THC. In the same informational note, the government states:

“It should be noted that as CBD is generally extracted from cannabis, CBD products may contain a low level of THC. Products containing THC or other dangerous drugs at any concentration are regarded as dangerous drugs and are regulated under DDO. “

Why does this matter? Depending on their method of extraction, your CBD whole-provider may leave some THC behind. A recent survey study in California found that out of 17 samples they tested, over fifty percent of the products they tested had more than 0.3 percent total THC.

In the U.S., a manufacturer might get a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration if their product has too much THC. In Hong Kong, it could mean criminal prosecution.

So you have to find wholesale CBD with no THC at all.

Ask For Testing

A CBD manufacturer must show you a certificate of analysis (COA) from a third-party testing firm. These COAs screen CBD for:

  • CBD level
  • THC level
  • Heavy metal levels (must be within safe limits)
  • Pesticides (must be within safe limits)
  • Solvent residue (must be within safe limits)

The last test—for solvents—comes from solvent extraction. We highly recommend choosing a wholesaler that uses CO2 extraction instead. CO2 extraction is cleaner and more precise, creating a much better CBD oil. That botanical oil is the base for all CBD products you may look to purchase wholesale.

A good manufacturing partner is transparent. They will happily provide their COAs for every batch. 

Additional Farming And Manufacturing Practices

Organic farming and manufacturing are natural ways to honor and maximize the natural hemp sources involved in the production of CBD. USDA Certified Organic Farming is the USDA’s certified farming technique for any organic agricultural product, so if you’re buying CBD from the US, look for that designation.

You can also focus on companies that are on the cutting edge of CBD production. Right now, the future lies in nanotechnology. The reason: the chemical makeup of CBD. Cannabidiol is an oil-based compound, and water-dominated bodies have a hard time absorbing CBD. WHen applied during the production process, that reduces the potency and therapeutic effects of CBD.

Nanotechnology can make CBD oil particles thousands of times smaller, which helps make them more absorbable in the bloodstream.

When you’re looking for an ideal manufacturer, pay attention to their research and development. CBD is a relatively new product in the commercial marketplace, and as demand grows, so should quality. A mixture of old-school and cutting-edge approaches will ensure your manufacturer sells you the best possible CBD products.

The Hong Kong CBD consumer is proving to be a well-informed and demanding customer! With a variety of excellent products already available in the marketplace, you need to choose a CBD manufacturer that will provide high-quality and competitive entries.

Products & Reputation

Finally, when you’re looking for a CBD manufacturer, you’ll want to choose one that will provide you with everything you’re looking for to build a business in the rapidly expanding Hong Kong market. 

Then research those products to find out their reputation. How do customers and industry experts rank them? Great products always start with excellent manufacturing. So if your wholesaler’s products are well-regarded worldwide, they may be just what you need to succeed in Hong Kong.

Other Programs

Once you’ve researched wholesalers, you may want to launch a business using white- or private- label services. These services mean that you can use your marketing and branding on already proven gummies, gels, topicals, even pet treats! Many wholesalers also offer these services and can help you get started in the rising Hong Kong market with very few startup costs.

The Joy Organics Solution

We’re proud to be one of the most well-regarded CBD wholesalers in the world. We’re even prouder of our company ethos: compassion, integrity, and excellence. Those “North stars” guide us every day, from one customer to wholesale partners. Visit us to see if Joy Organics fits your wholesale CBD needs!

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