Where to buy Cheap Laptops in Ghana

The truth is that many mini laptops serving as alternatives are also beyond budget. Just put your mind at rest because there are other top-quality laptops with lovely specs you could get at a lower price. The goodness is that some of the places highlighted below are sells cheap and affordable laptops ranging from a thousand Ghana and above.

A portable personal computer is referred to as a laptop. The majority of a desktop computer’s components are also included in this device, including speakers, a monitor, a keyboard, and a pointing device such as a trackpad or touchpad.

Utilizing an AC adapter to draw power from the mains, a laptop may also be utilized without an outlet by using a rechargeable battery.

Other names for laptops include notebook computers, ultrabooks, and netbooks. Since they are lightweight and portable, this might also be called a portable computer.

Jumia makes the process of purchasing your new portable computer easier and quicker; you can discover affordable laptops and laptop sales in Ghana here.

To make the matter more interesting, the UK-used version is cheaper, you might decide to go for cheaper foreign-used laptops, but it is always advisable to buy from reliable and trusted places like Jumia, Jiji, Tonaton, OLX, or any renounced and trusted deals.

Lists of the top 5 places to buy cheap laptops in Ghana

1. Jumia

Jumia is an e-commerce website that sells all kinds of products, ranging from groceries to tech-related stuff. Recently, Jumia has gained substantial popularity in Ghana and Nigeria due to the fact that they provide affordable and cheap products.

When it comes to technology and digital products Jumia delivers the best. To get the best deal then you have to monitor their “BLACK FRIDAY” promo.

Laptop brands on Jumia

  1. Apple
  2. Hp
  3. Dell
  4. Lenovo, etc.

Note: For exquisite laptops, you have to contact their customer care support to aid you in the process of purchasing.

2. Jiji Ghana

Jiji is also a multi-vendor website where anyone can upload a product and sell it. Jiji provides a lightweight environment, which makes it possible for everyone to navigate their website and app.

Since Jiji is a multi-vendor, they enforce strict rules to protect both the customer and the seller. The biggest online marketplace in Ghana, Jiji, links Genuine Buyers and Sellers. Since its 2014 inception, Jiji has provided services to more than 200 million consumers across five nations.

Brands of laptops on jiji Ghana

Since Jiji is a multi-vendor you can get any type of product to buy, there is no limit to what you can buy on Jiji.

  1. Apple
  2. Dell
  3. Samsung
  4. Lenovo
  5. Hp
  6. Predator
  7. Alienware, etc.

3. OLX Ghana

In a remarkable length of time, OLX has become one of Ghana’s top e-commerce sites. You may choose from a wide selection of high-quality items and benefit from first-rate logistics support.

They provide a huge selection of goods, including computers, mobile phones, toys, speakers, footwear, hair products, chargers, meals, wristwatches, printers, and more.

By offering the option of pay-on-delivery or bank transfer, the OLX shopping site makes payments simple and convenient. The choice to pay in installments is also available to merchants.

4. Tonaton

In Ghana, Tonaton used to be a well-liked online retailer for all things technological. Tonaton, one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms, was formed by the merger of two of the best Nigerian online malls.

Before being bought, Tonaton was one of Ghana’s biggest online malls. Tonaton was also a powerful offline and online retailer in addition to being a pioneer in composite e-commerce.

Tonaton sells anything you might imagine, including high-end brands of electronics, mobile phones, laptops, apparel, cosmetic items, home goods, kitchenware, building supplies, and much more.

Laptop brands on tonaton

Just like Jiji, tonaton is a multi-vendor you can get any type of product to buy, there is no limit to what you can buy on Jiji.

  1. Apple
  2. Dell
  3. Samsung
  4. Lenovo
  5. Hp
  6. Predator
  7. Alienware, etc.

5. Freddies Corner

Both offline and online operations are handled by Freddie’s Corner Ghana. They offer everything electronic for sale. It gained popularity in 2016 and has been able to keep it up to this point.

You can browse a variety of electronic product lines, including everything from televisions to mobile phones, on their website. Unlisted goods can be purchased directly from their brick-and-mortar stores. Across Ghana


Cheap is relative and depends on the task you want to do with the laptop. You can visit any of these site to cross-check the various prices of the laptop you want before making a purchase. Hope this pice helps.

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