Which Banks in Ghana Support PayPal

PayPal has been one of the most trusted and popular methods of online payment in Ghana, though not all banks in the country offer this as an option to their customers.

This article provides information on which banks in Ghana support PayPal, how to set up and register with this payment method, and how you can make payments and withdraw money using it.

About Paypal

PayPal is the go-to payment system for many people around the world. It allows you to transfer money instantly and securely, without sharing your account or credit card information with the other party.

In order to use PayPal, you need an account with a bank that supports it. Learn more about which banks in Ghana support Paypal and how you can open an account with them.

Is PayPal available in Ghana?

Ghana has been blacklisted by PayPal since 2004 and all means to remove us from blacklist has not been positive. Thus, PayPal is not available in Ghana. But you can create a PayPal account whiles in Ghana using a different country’s credentials.

You will need to use the country’nemobile number wh8ch can be doctored as well us the country name. Luckily, you can verify your registration via email which makes it quite easier to register with less stress.

Banks in Ghana that supports paypal

There is no bank in Ghana that supports business with PayPal at the moment because the country is still on blacklist. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the system in the country so far as you have an account.

Most Banks in Ghana after creating a bank account with them can give you visa or master card that can be used online and you can link that card to your PayPal account whiles in Ghana and then you use it for your transactions.

Below are the banks in Ghana where you can get a debit or mastercard and link it to your account PayPal wallet;

  1. United Bank of Africa (Africard)
  2. GT Bank (Visa/Master Cards)
  3. United Bank for Africa (Debit Cards)
  4. Zenith Bank (Visa/Master Cards)
  5. Stanbic Bank (Platinum Debit Cards)
  6. Ecobank (MasterCard)
  7. Standard Chartered Bank (Visa/Master Cards)
  8. Fidelity Bank (Debit Cards)

NB: The above mentioned are a few of the banks that issue visa or master card to their customers in Ghana. if you dont see your favorite Bank in them, kindly make further enquiries.

How to send and receive money with PayPal in Ghana

To transact with PayPal in Ghana, you need to obtain a visa or master card from any of the bank above. Even though none of them does business with PayPal, you can link their mastercard or visa card to your PayPal account and use it for withdrawal and deposit from and unto the card which can later reflect in your bank account.

Another way is to buy PayPal funds from someone who already have a PayPal account with funds inside. You request funds purchase from such seller and then uses it for your online transactions.

To link your card to your PayPal account,

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner
  3. Click on account settings
  4. Click on money, banks and cards
  5. Click on link a new card
  6. Enter visa, master or credit card number number
  7. Fill in details of the card including your name, Cvv and other details
  8. Click link card.
  9. Make sure you have at least $1 to $3 on your card before linking it to your paypal account.


With the above guide, I’m sure you now know how to go around the use of PayPal in Ghana with less stress.

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