Which games to pick in contemporary online casino: Overview

The gambling industry is developing both in land-based establishments and online. The range of software is constantly increasing, providers are releasing new products. If previously only slots and classic types of table games were available, now more complex variations, several types of lotteries, and a live section with live dealers have been added.

What games are there online?

Most of the best online casino offer more than a thousand slot machines. They cooperate not with one or two providers, but with dozens of studios. On the websites of the largest operators, the number of devices reaches 5-10 thousand. This provides a variety of games, and for users when choosing a site, this criterion turns out to be one of the key ones. They differ in rules, payout features, returns and maximum multipliers.

Slot machines

The widest game choice are slots. On many sites they occupy at least 80% of the entire catalog. They have a simple operating principle that eliminates the need for players to learn the rules. No strategies are needed, because it is impossible to influence the outcomes of the spins. It is enough to set the bet size, the number of active lines, if necessary, and start the spins.


The rules of this famous game are simple. The only difficulty is remembering the types of bets and understanding how they can be combined. There are two types:

Internal. Bet on one or more numbers. It is difficult to guess the outcome, but the winnings can be increased by 5-35 times.

External. This is an even chance (covers 18 sectors). For example, even/odd, large/small numbers, red/black sector. There are also unequal chances (12): columns, dozens.

An additional track for verbal betting is also available on the gaming table. The sectors on it are marked in the same way as on a roulette wheel.

Types of card games

They are more often played by experienced users. To increase the chances of winning prize money, different strategies are used.


The card game has many varieties. Among the popular ones:

  • Omaha. 4 pocket cards. The combination must include 2 on hand and 3 on the board.
  • Hold’em. 2 hole cards and 5 community cards.

Regardless of the type, the goal of poker is the same. You need to make a combination stronger than the dealer’s. To play successfully, you need to learn them in order of seniority.

Video poker is also popular in casinos. It uses the rules of Oasis or another discipline with card replacement. However, there are no opponents here.

Black Jack

The goal is to beat the dealer. To do this, it is enough to collect a hand that gives more points than the dealer, but not to allow 21 to be busted.

Sports betting

Apart from plain games visitors to some sites may see sports betting. They are placed in a separate category. You can bet on events in pre-match and live. Common disciplines offered include football, E-sports and other major sports.

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