Why 2020 SHS, BECE Placement is delaying & when it will be released

Please note that the Placement Checkers is not available because school placement has not been released yet.. Kindly call 0555475811 for inquiries or continue reading to find out how to check the school placement by yourself.

BECE candidates who wrote their exams in the last year, 2020, are still waiting for placements to come out.

A lot of the candidates and their parents have complained about the seeming delay of the placements.

Without the placements, students can not be posted to their schools. It is also a point of anxiety since many people are expecting particular schools, depending on the grades which they have already checked.

Going to Senior High School (SHS) will surely make a lot of the young students happy.

Why then, does it seem like the Ghana Education Service (GES) is delaying bringing out the placements and when exactly will the 2020 School Placement in SHS come out for the BECE candidates?

We attempt to answer the questions below.

Why has 2020 School Placement Delayed?

Covid-19 and the late writing of the BECE in 2020

The first and most obvious reason why the BECE Placements in SHS have not been released is because the BECE itself was written very late.

Covid-19 prevented the BECE from been written as scheduled. The 2020 BECE was written from 14th to 18th September 2020. This is a very big deviation from how it has been over the years.

By the mere fact that the BECE was delayed, all other results and processes that depend on it are expected to be delayed. This is the major cause of the delay of the CSSPS school placements.

Timing of the release of BECE Results

When the BECE is written, a lot of people usually look out for the results and only after that do people start searching for the placements.

The 2020 BECE results were released on the evening of 16th December 2020. The timing of the release of the results meant that students could check their results just before the Christmas holidays.

However, at the point that the results were released, the workers at GES and CSSPS would have most likely been preparing to go on break and therefore work on placement would be at a slow pace.

Also, there was a general election in Ghana and a little sense of unrest, which would see a lot of individuals not going to work at all for some days, after the elections, for safety reasons.

Due to these, it is only natural that the school placements will be delayed.

A lot more candidates are going to SHS

This year, a significant more people who completed JHS will be going to SHS, especially because it is free and their is more infrastructure to take in more students.

This also means that, a lot of people have to be processed into schools which is a greater work load. In the past, the CSSPS has been criticised for making unforgivable errors.

With more people and a desire to minimise, if not eliminate errors, it makes sense that they are taking their time to make sure everyone is happy with their placements.

What can you do while waiting for Placements?

For inquiries, you can call our call center on 0555475811

Once Placements are out, we will notify all those who are on our WhatsApp. You can also save our WhatsApp number – 0535462067 and check our profile photo. We will update it once Placement is out or the checkers are out.

Remember that, you can buy Placement checkers when they are available so that you can check early before the system crashes.

Is the 2020 SHS Placement Checker for BECE Candidates out?

No, the 2020 Placement Checker is not out. The Placement Checkers to view schools for 2020 BECE are expected to be out before the ending of February 2021. Till then, candidates will not be able to check their school placements.

How to buy your SHS Placement E-Voucher Online with Mobile Money

Ike is running a special offer for all those who want the Placement E-voucher to be sent directly to their phones via SMS or WhatsApp. We are giving out the BECE Placement Checker for just GHS 15.

Follow the instructions below to get your SHS Placement Checker fast:

  1. Send MTN Mobile Money GHS 15 to 0535462067, Subscriber (Isaac)
  2. Send the name on the Mobile Money Account you used to send the money or the Merchant Name back to 0535462067 through WhatsApp
  3. You will receive the SERIAL and PIN to check your SHS School Placement 2020 once the payment is confirmed. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to send the card after payment.

Kindly send a WhatsApp message for further instructions or clarifications.

How to check your SHS School Placement Online

If you have completed your BECE, the next step is to check your SHS School Placement. Here is how to check your SHS School Placement very fast:

  1. Visit the CSSPS SHS Placement Checker Portal
  2. Enter your 10-digits BECE index number followed by the year. eg. 100000000020
  3. Enter the eVoucher Code (12-digits voucher no.)
Click on the Proceed button
  5. Wait for a new window with your SHS Placement to show up
  6. Print the School Placement you received or save it as PDF to print later
  7. Present it at your given Senior High School.

Please note that it is best to use Google Chrome Browser for the checking of the SHS School Placement. Also, Don’t use Opera Mini at all as it delays the process of showing the results.

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