Why are Snapchat Scores Frozen and How to Fix it

If your Snapchat score is not updating, it can be very frustrating and confusing to tell if you are actually growing or if it just seems like it because of the constant freeze ups and resets.

I have seen many people throw in the towel over this issue, but there are some simple things you can do to fix this problem so that your Snapchat score will start to update normally again.

What is snapscore

Snapscore is a measure of popularity on Snapchat, which is based on the total number of snaps that have been sent by each user. Scores can range from 1-100. The score does not change unless the user deletes their account or stops sending snaps for more than a month.

Where do i find my snapscore

There are a few ways to find your Snapchat score. You can open the app, click the ghost icon on the top left corner, and your profile will pop up. On your profile is your username and beneath it is your snapscore.

How to improve your snapsocre

To iimprove your snapscore, you have to earn snap points. To earn snap points, you have to a frequent user of the app, interact with people regularly, send snaps, watch and post stories, and more. Using the app as much as possible is the best way to increase your snap score on snapchat.

What causes snapscore to freeze?

Several reasons can be considered as to why your snapscore has freezed. Below are some points given on why your snapscore has frozen or can freeze.

Delay in update

When snapchat is updating your snapscore, it can freeze when the score you’ve amazed are plenty and can cause delay. If you wait for some time, you will see the new update and your score getting back to work.

Slow internet connection

Bad or slow Internet connection can also be a reason why your snapscore has freezed. The more you use snap, the more the score updates itself and since it uses Internet connection in doing so, when there is a break in the connection, the score will surely freeze.

Using an outdated version of snapchat

Snapchat brings updates to fix bugs and thus, entreat its users to update their apps whenever there is an update. If you refuse to do so, it can be a reason as to why your snapscore freezes and you don’t get the best out of it. For that, its best your update your app whenever there is the need to.

When there is a server issue

When the snapchat server is down, your snapcore can freeze. Snapchat going down means, it goes with everything included and therefore, it will freeze the score from getting updated.

How to fix frozen snapscore

Your snapcore has frozen and now you want to get it back. Trying all or any of the below can help out if the cause is from the listed.

  • Fix frozen snapchat score by updating snapchat app.
  • Fix frozen snapchat score by checking for good internet connection.
  • Fix frozen snapchat scores by waiting till snapchat server fixes the issue
  • Fix frozen snapchat scores by contacting the snapchat support eam when needed.

How long does a snapscore freezes for

They is no exact time attributed for how long a snapscore freezes. The score freezes when he issued arises and it gets back to normal when the issue is solved.


A frozen score can be frustrating. Especially when you see that of your friends getting increased but yours still stays where it is. If that is your worry now, then follow the methods above and get yourself sorted.

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