Why Every Business Should Have a Facebook Page

The crust of every business is the customer base and sustainability.

In a world which is gradually drifting from the physical to an online space popularly termed as a global village, businesses are more likely to be successful by tapping into the numerous opportunities available.

With the rapid growth of digital shopping giants, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and the likes, we have come to realize how powerful the Internet is to the growth of businesses.

Fortunately for us, there seems to be a more solid and easy-and-free resource for business owners to expand their businesses. That resource is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

Quickly, let’s take a ride through some few reasons why your business should have a Facebook page.


With over 2.6 billion registered users and over 1.5 billion users monthly, Facebook is the biggest social media company in the world presently.

With these great numbers, a company that is looking to break away from its comfort zone and attain higher heights should be seeking to take advantage of Facebook and the best way to do that is to get a Facebook page.

Facebook Pages Have Wider Reach And Ad Potentials

It is the wish of every business owner to have their business reach more and new people all the time. With Facebook’s huge user base, there is enough room for business pages to reach more and more people by the day.

Also, with their relatively cheap display ads (Sponsored ads) feature, Facebook creates room for business pages to reach even more people with just a few dollars. Facebook ads start from as low as 1 dollar per day to 100 dollars per day.

NB: You can only run ads on your business pages. You can’t run ads on your personal Facebook account or groups. Only pages.

 Facebook Is Utterly Reliable

As an industry leader, Facebook has a big team of technicians who are always on the lookout for problems and work hard to prevent them.

Despite the huge exchange of data on Facebook by their over 2 billion users, Facebook hardly suffers downtimes hence making it very reliable for businesses that wish to benefit from it.

For Facebook to get deleted permanently, it has to take some very dramatic events, considering the amount of money the team makes daily. So, Facebook is here to stay! You can build your business on Facebook without fearing that it’ll disappear tomorrow.


The art of managing a business is one that requires lots of time and commitment. Having realized how difficult this is, Facebook has developed automated in-built tools to enable business pages to manage their businesses without much struggle.

With Facebook page stats, business owners are able to analyze the growth of their page, sales conversion and other vital data which is auto-determined by Facebook.

Also, you get to advertise your vacancies for free, get to book appointments with prospective candidates and interviewing them all on Facebook. And for free too!

There are many other tools you could use on your business page to easily manage your business.

Conclusion: If your business doesn’t have a page on Facebook yet, know that you’re missing out on something big. To set up a business page on Facebook, click here for our assistance.

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