Reasons Why Every Student Should Create A LinkedIn Account In Ghana

It is the wish of every Ghanaian student to find employment after graduation. But we can all see that most of the graduates are currently unemployed. The ones who are lucky enough to get employment are either paid a below-average wage or are just a spoonful.

The number of students in the various Universities makes it difficult for employers to find who to and who not to employ in their company.

When it gets to this point, students with LinkedIn accounts have an advantage over others. The first thing you need to do is to create a LinkedIn account and to build a profile.

Reasons Why Every Student Should Create A LinkedIn Account In Ghana

As students, some added advantages comes with having a LinkedIn account and below are a number of the several reasons why every student in Ghana has to create a LinkedIn account:

To establish a solid system of connections

Excelling in any profession is the maximum amount about who you recognize, all things considered about what you recognize. Start by associating along with your companions and your University lecturers and professors, at that time alter into the business that you just must add.

Nobody can tell when an association will be useful and therefore the greater your system, the more possibility you have got of being alluded to an occupation job.

Connections can range from family members to even your church members. Companies usually look out for people with more and high – profiled connections and this could be someone in your locality or even at your University.

To land job alerts

While LinkedIn is about simply searching for occupations, it’s still unimaginably valuable with regards to finding your next position – which makes LinkedIn especially helpful for undergraduates.

You’ll be able to program LinkedIn to send you employment alarms for specific organizations, ventures, or explicit employment titles, so you’ll never pass up an implausible open door again.

These alerts are sent to your email address and this could also be a step ahead from your other mates who may not be having a LinkedIn account at that time.

Get discovered by organizations/companies

Nowadays, once you follow a grip, your forthcoming business will no uncertainty direct an online search into you. Undergraduates regularly get negative criticism over their web-based media nearness, so by having a LinkedIn account as an undergrad, you’ll show a more expert and professional side to yourself.

Having a LinkedIn account permits organizations to find you easily and, particularly, to find the info that they need from you. Therefore, use professional phrases and list all your certifications and awards.

Be prepared for interviews

Interviews are consistently nerve-wracking yet by having a record on LinkedIn, you’ll direct your examination into the organization, and also the business, with the goal that you just can get in your interview feeling as founded as could reasonably be expected.

Having a LinkedIn account gives the employer a clear picture of who you are and your preferences therefore, questions are mostly based on what they found on your profile since they already know you in brief.

To demonstrate your devotion

Having a LinkedIn account as an undergraduate demonstrates that you are just dedicated to seeking after a vocation.

By being explicit in your outline and interfacing with individuals within the field that you’d value more highly to finally end up in, you demonstrate that you’re investing the energy and exertion needed to prevail in your picked vocation.

This is also a plus when employers are selecting potential employees with similar qualifications.

Getting International Jobs

All things considered, LinkedIn is a worldwide system professional platform. If you’re keen on getting employments abroad, you’ll get many advantages by systems administration on this platform.

You’ll interface with all the numerous worldwide bosses and secure positions in unfamiliar nations. This could in turn generate more revenues for you than what you would earn if you were still in Ghana.

Getting Recommendations

LinkedIn additionally offers a part through which you’ll get others to suggest to you. Individuals with the foremost extreme number of proposals have a rare possibility of drawing within the businesses’ consideration.

Undergrads may try to get however many proposals as would be prudent to create their employability.

Therefore, engage with high-ranking people in society, and in the end, you could be looking at a life full of happiness without the stress of looking for a job.


In conclusion, almost all the businesses in Ghana and abroad are consulting with LinkedIn instead of the traditional CV system.

Therefore, creating a LinkedIn account makes it easier for the employer to just look through your profile and offer you the job.

Please make sure to share this article with your mates so that we will all be alert and prevent any future possibilities of employment.

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