Why I Love ESET; How to get Antivirus Protection in Ghana [Giveaway]

When it comes to the internet, personal data and electronic devices, especially those that communicate over the internet, security is a major concern.

It’s not surprising to know someone that has been a victim of virus attack on their Personal Computers, mobile phones or Macbook. In fact, most people have devices that have been affected by one form of malware or the other and they don’t even know it.

For a long time, I have used solutions from ESET to protect my devices, especially my work computer which I use to access the internet every day.

My first encounter with ESET

Way back in 2011, I was working in an Internet Cafe at Teshie, a suburb of Accra. The Cafe owner had installed ESET Nod 32 Antivirus on all the 12 computers that were there at the time including the server that was used for the internet cafe’s administration.

At that time, I was used to a lot of “free antivirus” solutions and wondered why we had to use a solution that was not free.

That was made clear to me soon enough.

According to a customer of the internet cafe, the reason he loved to visit us was that anytime he brought his USB Drive to the cafe, there were no viruses on it when he went back home. Other cafes in the vicinity would usually infect his flash drive.

It’s important to note from this story that a good security solution, like the one ESET, provides gives you or your business the peace of mind you deserve.

Why I love ESET

I currently use ESET Internet Security on my work Windows laptop and I’m loving it. Let me walk you through why I love that my laptop is protected by ESET.

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Ease of Use

When it comes to downloading and installing ESET, the process is fast and fluid. The initial download file is less than 5MB. All you need to do is go to the official website, choose the product you want and download it.

Once you have installed and chosen a trial or used a license (we are giving away some licenses below), ESET starts to scan your files and protect your device.

With ESET, you simply install it and never have to go back to tweak lots of settings.


A lot of antiviruses and other security software end up slowing your computer and sometimes making it unusable.

ESET doesn’t do that.

ESET requires just about a 100 MB of Ram to operate efficiently and uses less than 700MB of disk space. It adds at most 3 processes to the list of tasks running on your machine.

Due to this, after installing ESET, your machine will be secured, while continuing to run fast.

Reliable Malware Protection

ESET will find the latest worldwide threats and upgrade your protection automatically. Even if it is a threat that has never been seen before, ESET uses DNA scanning to automatically alert you of the threat.

ESET is built on trust, standards, and transparency, the reason why they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

This means ESET will not steal your data or leave your device to be compromised in any way.

Who can use ESET Security Products

ESET has crafted out a number of solutions for almost everyone. Ranging from Individuals in Ghana to startups, small businesses, banks and other corporations, there is a solution for everyone.

The fact that solutions have been tailored for almost every reasonable use case makes it even more fulfilling.

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Here is a list of some of ESET Security Products in Ghana and who it is tailored for.

ESET Product Who Should Use it
ESET Cyber Security Home devices running macOS
ESET Cyber Security Pro Home devices running macOS and surfing the internet regularly
ESET Internet Security Home devices running Windows and surfing the internet regularly
ESET Multi-Device Security Total solution for home, office and businesses who have 3 or more devices to protect.
ESET Nod 32 Antivirus Home devices running Windows
ESET Parental Control Parents who want to keep their kids safe online
ESET Small Office Security Pack SMEs and Startups who need to keep a wide range of devices safe on and off the internet
ESET Smart Security Premium Home devices running either macOS, Windows, Android and Linux that are regularly surfing the internet.

CITSYS Store, ESET Partners in Ghana

Over the years, it has been very difficult to get ESET license keys here in Ghana as people didn’t know of any ESET Ghana Store.

ESET has however been the security solution I have personally recommended to hundreds of my friends and acquaintances.

However, a lot of people had complained that after the trial period, they couldn’t get any license keys.

Well, I have good news.

Recently, I came by a store in Accra, Ghana that sells all ESET keys, as well as provides other IT services.

You can get all your ESET License keys at Citsys Store at very great prices. Just give them a call on +233302924323 or send them a WhatsApp message now.

ESET Solutions and Price of License Keys

These are the different ESET Products available and how much a license for the cost per year as sold at Citsys Store.

ESET Product OS Supported Number of Devices Price per year
ESET Cyber Security macOS 1 GHS 148.00
ESET Cyber Security macOS 3 GHS 260.00
ESET Cyber Security macOS 5 GHS 426.00
ESET Cyber Security Pro macOS 1 GHS 233.00
ESET Cyber Security Pro macOS 3 GHS 330.00
ESET Cyber Security Pro macOS 5 GHS 543.00
ESET Internet Security Windows 1 GHS 85.00
ESET Internet Security Windows 3 GHS 330.00
ESET Internet Security Windows 5 GHS 543.00
ESET Mobile Security Windows 1 GHS 97.00
ESET Multi-Device Security macOS, Windows, Linux 3 GHS 300.00
ESET Multi-Device Security macOS, Windows, Linux 5 GHS 480.00
ESET Multi-Device Security macOS, Windows, Linux 10 GHS 1,162.00
ESET Nod 32 Antivirus Windows, Linux 1 GHS 75.00
ESET Nod 32 Antivirus Windows, Linux 3 GHS 262.00
ESET Nod 32 Antivirus Windows, Linux 5 GHS 426.00
ESET Parental Control macOS, Windows, Linux GHS 180.00
ESET Small Office Security Pack macOS, Windows, Linux 5 GHS 736.00
ESET Small Office Security Pack macOS, Windows, Linux 10 GHS 1,472.00
ESET Small Office Security Pack macOS, Windows, Linux 15 GHS 1,874.00
ESET Small Office Security Pack macOS, Windows, Linux 20 GHS 2,498.00
ESET Small Office Security Pack macOS, Windows, Linux 25 GHS 2,663.00
ESET Smart Security Premium Windows 1 GHS 388.00
ESET Smart Security Premium Windows 3 GHS 451.00
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ESET Two Months License Giveaway

Mfidie.com is giving some of our readers a free two months license for ESET.

All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Install ESET Internet Security on your PC (Make sure you remove any other antivirus installed to avoid conflicts)
  2. Take a screenshot of the Software running on your PC
  3. Post the Screenshot on Twitter and tag @mfidieHQ and @Citsysltd with a nice caption
  4. We will contact you via DM to give you your License key (So be sure to follow both accounts)

Terms: The keys for the promo have been provided by Citsys Limited. Promo is valid while stocks last.

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