Why is Bitcoin Called Corn?

“Corn”, what is it? Why does bitcoin sounds like bit- corn? You might have heard bitcoin referred to as “corn” previously as you learn more about bitcoin memes and culture. Perhaps you’ve heard the expressions shill the corn or don’t short the corn.

A corn emoji may also be seen in certain profile photographs on social media sites. In this case, corn simply refers to bitcoin.

Almost certainly, yes. The punchline is about 90% there. The joke’s genesis is only marginally amusing, but the majority of its humor comes from the simple fact that corn sounds like money. This makes it a sort of inside joke that bitcoiners may share with one another.

The Corn’s Origin in Bitcoin

Bit-accidental corn’s beginnings and widespread adoption by the bitcoin community are characteristics of the finest memes. Mark T. Williams, a professor at Boston University, spoke on what he saw as the “risks” associated with bitcoin, including that it is too volatile, ownership is too concentrated, and it is too scarce, in a public meeting for small companies in 2014 to examine the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin.

The first two arguments are well-known FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and I’m not sure I fully get how scarcity driving demand is a bad thing. It might be challenging to recognize the “corn”  allusion.

Bitcoin is often pronounce as bit-corn in some sense if you pay close attention. There are other names for bitcoin than corn because bitcoiners like straightforward, amusing language.

Some has already heard the expression “orange coin good,” which is a play on the meme “orange man bad,” a response to the knee-jerk reactions of loathing anything Donald Trump did throughout his administration from 2016 to 2020, referring to Trump’s infamous artificial tan skin tone. Has Trump taken any action? “Orange man terrible!” is yelled by everyone simultaneously.

Bitcorn in Depth Review

I looked through several articles and found two conversational themes. The more fundamental question was how this works and why anyone would desire a bitcoin in the first place.

One simple answer is it appears like bitcoin is a rather safe and affordable method of doing business. Joe instructs Bill’s wallet to receive a bitcoin payment from his digital wallet in order to purchase Bill’s automobile.

The money Bill gets is immediate and is examined by an open source network of servers that will be paid a nominal fee by Joe, the sender of the payment, to ensure that it is free of any other claims.

The topic of bitcoin’s political appeal is discussed in the second conversational thread. Bitcoin is viewed as a heroic revolution by people who think that governments and banks are the evil guys, ushering in a new era of markets without the need for either.

I want to make four important issues clear so that no one gets carried away with grandiose ideas about how bitcoin or other digital clones may transform the world.

Understanding Bitcoin and Bitcorn

If the seller accepts bitcoin, converting bitcoin can be a reasonably secure, affordable option for people conducting little or modest-sized transactions.

The number of businesses now taking bitcoin payments is small, but it is expanding as the currency gains acceptance. Bitcoin does compete with other payment options.

Bitcoin by itself is not yet suitable for use in large-scale transactions. The exchange of narcotics for the bag of cash is when things go awry, as everyone who has ever seen a poor drug sale in a movie knows.

To ensure that both sides of a large bitcoin exchange between strangers operate as intended, some sort of third-party control is required.

The above discussion is still in its early stages, so I would appreciate any feedback from readers who have other perspectives. But as best as I can tell, this binary electrical power glutton lacks the fundamental element that crucial business dealings between strangers require: a framework of confidence, both for the worth of the money involved and the sincerity of the trade.


Currently, bitcoin is an exciting speculative investment that costs over $9,000 but may also have some major hidden problems. Old-timers are aware that value and price are not the same thing, and that there are other competing digital currencies on the horizon.

Bitcoin is not the world’s next major reserve currency or the realization of an ideal world. That common tiny penny won’t seem as adorable in a few years as utility costs increase and people begin to understand why.

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