Why it is important not to use the same Password/Pin more than once

If you have intentions of your data being hacked by cyber fraudsters and hackers, then by any means, use the same password for multiple websites. This is it leaves your device vulnerable and prone to hackers. I’ll be explaining why having more than one password is a cybersecurity benefit.

It limits breaches to multiple accounts

Reusing the same password, you use for your PayPal account for your Facebook account puts you at risk of your PayPal being hacked if your Facebook is hacked. You might ask how hackers will know that I’ve got the same password for both accounts.

They won’t, but they’re going to guess so far as they know the password for one of the accounts. They’re going to try and error with your other accounts with the details they have till they gain access to as many as possible vulnerable accounts.

This is one of the worst ideas one can ever have, using the same password for multiple accounts. Even laziness should never make you do that because it causes grave consequences.

It can cost you a very sensitive account

Sensitive accounts like your email accounts, bank accounts, and social media business pages.

Maybe you’ve not thought of the consequences of losing such accounts to cybercriminals, but you should know that once they gain access to the account, they can perform whatever function you used to perform on it. A recent bulk password reset by WordPress tells us the story.

Early in September 2014, crooks uploaded nearly 5,000,000 Gmail account names and passwords to a Russian Bitcoin forum.

There hadn’t been a huge security failure at Google. In the same way, many women’s iCloud is hacked, and nude photos are either leaked or used to blackmail them.

Women love to explore their body as they call them. They take nude photos of themselves, sometimes send them to their partners, or keep them in their storage. There are different types of hackers.

There are ones who hack into your system for monetary purposes only and nothing else, and some who’re perverts so hack into women, especially famous women’s accounts, purposely to invade their privacy for nude photos of them.

Risk of being blackmailed

You might have very sensitive personal information in your email account or iCloud or business account that you think no one should see.

With the repetition of passwords for different accounts, you risk getting hacked by hackers to access the personal information you have stored in your accounts. Most hackers these days will blackmail with said information and ask you to pay an amount if you need their discretion.

In the case of females, sometimes these hackers blackmail you to sleep with them or risk the world seeing whatever they’re blackmailing you with, which is most times nude photos of them.

These blackmailers don’t stop after their first successful attempt. Once they get what they came for, they begin to manipulate you to get more from you.

You might lose your business

What has business got to do with passwords and repetition of them? Well, it has a lot with them. Most people in business keep details of their businesses on their iCloud google drive accounts.

Such business details might include plans of the business and the next innovative ideas you’ve planned to introduce into your business. The public doesn’t need sight of details unless the business owner decides.

But in most cases, these hackers don’t hack into your account to steal these details for the public. No, they steal them and sell them to your competitors at a price.

For example, you’re in the business of producing energy drinks. And you’ve drawn a plan of introducing sachet energy drinks, which will be the first of its kind, and then a hacker gains access to your account and steals such information, and sells them to your competitor in the market. It’s going to be a huge blow to you and your business.


Memorizing multiple passwords, of course, is going to be a problem, but it doesn’t mean you should be reckless enough to use multiple passwords for one account.

There are a few password managers that you can use to store your passwords to avoid forgetfulness. Password managers can help keep track of, generate and retrieve your credentials when needed, so it will be safe to use one password for one account, which should be changed promptly from time to time.

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