Why SHS students in Ghana should start considering a career in Software

Currently, globally the software development career has been high in demand and produces many prolific individuals in our society, including a billionaire.

And there’s no denying that as a student in senior high who’s about graduating should consider this as a career for yourself. 

The high availability of jobs

Currently, many businesses/individuals are looking for young people to fill in technology roles. Log onto your go-to jobs site and type in the word “software”.

How many jobs popped up? Probably thousands. The thing is, software development skills are no longer confined to the tech industry. Having these skills is a bonus for most jobs. All good businesses have websites and apps, and the requirement for IT know-how is huge.

So SHS students who’re yet to graduate and are thinking of a career to choose, I’d advise that you consider software development.

The remoteness of the profession

If you are someone who does not like the routine 8 to 5 work schedule, software development will offer you many remote work opportunities even here in Ghana.

As long as you are producing code at an adequate rate and creating what is required timely, it is not uncommon for many code workers to work remotely.

Such is the coding landscape when the opportunity to freelance and offer contract services to companies is higher. Likewise, many software developers have seized the opportunity to create their own companies and businesses because of the skills gap.

Some students might think it’s a difficult career because of how coding looks on screens, but the only thing I can say is that nothing is too difficult or easy.

You need to put in effort and dedication and do the work to your full capacity.

You can be your boss as a software developer

As a software developer, normally, you work as a freelancer. Companies can contact you to develop something for them. Such contracts expire after your services for them has been granted.

This allows you to also work on your personal projects. You also decide what to develop without being directed what to do. I know most young people love to feel free and do things on their own, so this poses a great opportunity to be your own boss as a developer.

As a freelance developer, too, you have the liberty to look through the tech environment and see what innovations are in high demand at a point in time. For example, currently, mobile phone applications like games and sports apps are on the rise, and as a matter of fact, a young developer like you knows what the young market consumers like yourself want.

Continuous learning opportunity

As a software developer, you’ll always be on alert to learn new stuff as the days go by due to the gradually evolving technology.

With this, you can choose not to learn any new stuff and keep on with your old work, but as the technology ecosystem continues to evolve, you’d find yourself having no choice but to join the ship and learn new stuff eventually.

As a young senior high school graduate coming into the software developing industry, you have the upper hand in learning new stuff because your mind is still active ready to accept new knowledge.

Software development also requires teamwork to be really successful, and as SHS students, teamwork is not something you’ll be new to. As a matter of fact, teamwork is one of the major things you learn in school when you come together with your colleagues to do project works.

Technology has become the standard of our economy

Technology is extremely fast-moving, so as a Software Engineer, you need to be able to learn new programming languages and technologies and adapt to the continually changing environment.

Alongside learning about technology, developers will often have the opportunity to develop their knowledge about the business and sector they are working in, as these are also ever-changing.

And what more great opportunity is there for young high school students like this? As a young graduate, this constant change is an amazing learning opportunity, keeping your mind fresh and the job interesting! What better reason do you need to get started in Software Engineering?


Software, as I said, has become the job haven across the world, and most people miss out on that opportunity to join ship because they have no idea what it is and what it entails, so I hope the idea of a freelancing job as a software developer, the opportunity to learn more on the job and the ultimate idea of being a billionaire if dedication, innovation, and hard work are put in work.

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