Why SSL is important and why you need to check if a site has it

With the emergence of the modern internet and the improvement in the security of peoples details on the regarding their activities on the internet, there come in existence of an SSL.

Today, the backbone of any secure internet is the SSL. Websites with SSL certificate are generally considered as secured websites and people feel relaxed and harmless to enter their credit card details and other information on those sites.

SSL is crucial for protecting any website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards.

If you are using a website without an SSL, it can negatively affect your website and also reduce your Google ranking. In a recent document from Google, they made mention that; they will start to notified visitors as to which site is secure and which is not.

They use the availability of an SSL on a site to tell whether the site is secure or not. This publication can have negative replication to any website. Assuming a visitor comes to a site and they had a notification that your site is not secure what do you think will be the effect?

Definitely, they will lose trust in the site. Gone are the days when people don’t trust the internet dealings simply because they don’t feel secure. But today about 65% if not more feel secure to deal online because they know they have nothing to worry about their privacy, security and data integrity.

In today’s world, it is important to have SSL installed on your website even if you don’t process credit card payment on your site.

Website with SSL installed on has a lot of importance and advantages and in this post, we are going to discuss some 4adantages of having an SSL certificate being installed on a site.

Why An SSL Certificate Is Important On A Website?

  1. You’re More Trustworthy to Users
  2. It helps improve SEO ranking
  3. Your site will be well display in chrome
  4. SSL protects your site Against Hackers

Alright, let’s dive deep and discuss the above-mentioned advantage of having SSL installed on a site and also see why everyone one should check for an SSL availability on a site before entering sensitive details on that site.

Your Site Is Trusted By Users

As I mentioned earlier, users now feel relaxed to enter their details such as credit card and other sensitive information on a site which has an SSL certificate installed on.

Come to think of it, why should a complete stranger to a site feel at ease to enter their information of a site if they don’t trust the site?

Yes, everyone one who knows the importance of having an SSL installed on a site will not have fear when entering his or her details on such website. This is why it is important for a site to have ssl installed on by every site owner.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

It is the goal of every website or blog owner to have a higher ranking on the Google page for a particular keyword.

Google search no thought is the number free source of traffic to any website and as a site owner, you need to make sure you have the best practice that will improve the visibility of your site on the Google search page.

When Google says it will show your visitor about your site state regarding SSL usage, it does not only do that but also tells it algorithm to fish out websites that are not secure over secured ones over some keywords.

Simply put, Google may hate a website that is not using an SSL certificate and you what it means for a website to be hated by Google. In other to get the best of search results it is important to have an SSL certificate install on your site.

SSL Protects Your Site Against Hackers

Communication through the internet takes place through two forms. That’s through HTTP and HTTPS. Http is a type of protocol that sends information between a user’s device and the website they browsing. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. It encrypts information between the two devices.

When a piece of information is sent using an https connection, that information is encrypted and makes it difficult to be unreadable by a third party. Hackers are always on a hunt for the vulnerability on the internet and they virtually target users who frequently interact with a site that uses no SSL certificate.

Your Site Will Be Well Display In Chrome

When a visitor visits a site that uses an SSL, the first using chrome browser the first thing he or she sees it the inscription “this site is not secure”.

As a site operator, will you be happy to see such kind of message? It is definitely no. then why should your visitors also be happy? In other to get this kind of problem out of your way, it is important to use an SSL on the site so that chrome can also display your site well to every visitor to the site not telling them your site status.

How Do I Know If A Site Is Using An SSL Certificate?

Sites which are sung SSL are generally differentiated from those without SSL sing their protocols. Sites whose URL starts with “https” uses SSL certificate and those with “http” don’t. Also when you visit a site and see the site as a green padlock symbol on just before the URL, it means the site is secure and your safety is assured.

As a user of a site you should always look for these two protocols on the site you find yourself on before you enter any sensitive information on that site.

Wrapping Up

Alight this brings us to the end of this article and hope you now know what an SSL is and why you should use SSL on your site and also as an end user of a site why you should look out for SSL certificate on a site before putting in your details on that site.

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