Will iMessages Appear Blue if the Recipient’s iPhone is Dead or Turned Off?

If you have ever sent an iMessage, you have likely seen the blue bubble next to your contact’s name as well as their name in the iMessage bar on top of your screen when you go to send them a message, even if they’re offline or their iPhone is dead or turned off.

But do iMessages actually get delivered to the recipient’s device even if they aren’t online or even if their iPhone has no power?

This article explains how and why this happens, and what it means for you and your contacts.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is a messaging service that allows users to send and receive text, photos, videos, and other information through the Messages app on their devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5 or later, you can use iMessage.

iMessage is different than SMS and MMS because it uses data rather than cellular minutes to send and receive messages. So, if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use iMessage without using your cellular data plan.

iMessage requirement

For the messages to appear blue, both sender and receiver need to have iMessage turned on. If one person has iMessage turned off, the messages will be sent as standard text messages and will appear green.

If your iPhone is dead or turned off, you will not receive any messages until you turn it back on. If you have no service, you will also not receive any messages until you have service again.

What does it mean if your iMessage shows blue

When your iPhone sends an iMessage, it will appear blue. This is because blue is the color that Apple has chosen to represent iMessages. If the recipient’s iPhone is turned off or dead, the message will still appear blue on your screen.

It won’t be delivered until the recipient picks up their phone. The other thing to keep in mind is that a blue read indicator means that you have read the text, but it doesn’t mean they have read it yet. They might not have seen it. You can always ask them when they received the message and whether or not they read it.

What does it mean if your iMessage shows green

If you see a green message bubble instead of a blue one, that means the person you’re sending the message to is using a non-Apple device such as an Android phone.

Messages sent between Apple devices using iMessage appear as blue bubbles. Green bubbles indicate that traditional SMS text messages are being sent.

Will iMessages shows blue if the receivers iPhone Is dead or turned off?

If you send an iMessage to someone with an iPhone who doesn’t have an active data connection, the message will appear as a blue bubble. Once the recipient turns on their device and has an active data connection, they will be able to see the message.

In addition, if the person who receives your message deletes it before they are able to read it, they will not be able to retrieve it. It also goes without saying that deleting messages from your own phone can result in them being lost forever.


If you’re wondering whether your recipient will still receive your iMessage even if their iPhone is dead or turned off, the answer is yes. As long as your message is sent through Apple’s servers, it will be delivered to your recipient as soon as they turn their phone back on.

So next time you need to get in touch with someone, don’t hesitate to send them an iMessage, even if their phone is off.

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