Wise (TransferWise) in Kenya: How to get started and send money in Kenya

Wise, also formally Transferwise, is now available in Kenya. If you don’t understand this service, think of it as an alternative to M-PESA or PayPal money-sending services.

Not to say that there are no differences between the just mentioned platforms and Wise. Dont get it wrong because Wise ensures that money can quickly be sent from point A, far miles away, to another Point B for much lower costs and instantly.

Back in 2011, Wise was launched in the United Kingdom, and its services have been expanding at a faster rate.

As of 2022 wise is also already available in 80 countries. Kenya is among them. This means that no matter where you are in the world, it is now possible to send money to your relatives, friends, and family back home in Kenya and Vice versa.

The service works by setting up its local bank accounts in countries it operates from to ensure that the cost of moving money to various recipients remains cheaper. If you are stuck with the many choices and wonder if Wise can be trusted enough, we detail everything you need to know in this guide.

How to get started with Wise in Kenya

The most apparent question above anything else is how do I open a Wise account? It will be very awkward for you to want to benefit from all the services that the platform offers without creating an account: The account creation process is simple, and you will not charge a single penny.

To register an account with Wise:

  1. Visit ww.wise.com/
  2. You can either choose to create an account with your email, Google, Facebook, and Apple accounts
  3. In my case, I used my email account,
  4. Choose the type of account you want to have (You are presented with two options, either An personal account or a business account)
  5. We will go with the personal account option
  6. By default, it should pick your country of Choice and press Continue
  7. Enter your M-PESA number and Enter the code sent on your smartphone
  8. Enter your password, and an account will be created for you.

After an account has been created for you, you will be redirected to your account’s dashboard upon registration. You can key in the amount you want to send (The currency format can be seen in the drop-down menu).

You can choose the method of transfer you want to use right below “send” and lastly, the Currency you are shipping. Suppose it’s Kenyan Currency. The website will quickly display what your recipient will receive. The rest of the details can be swiftly followed without any hindrance.

The platform uses a Bank account, credit or debit card, and M-PESA to send or receive money. You can receive your money within 24hrs or even instantly, depending on which method of transfer is being used

How To Send Money From Wise To Kenya through M-Pesa

Since M-PESA in Kenya is the most suitable and convenient way of sending money, while in Kenya. We will show you how to send money from Wise to Kenya Via M-PESA directly.

The process is simple given that you have an account with wise, you registered your M-Pesa number with wise, and lastly that you know the number of the recipient you are sending money to.

  1. Visit wise.com and sign in to access your dashboard.
  2. Choose to send money as seen on your dashboard
  3. On the following page, key in the amount that you want to send depending on the Currency of where you are, and Tap on continuing at the bottom of the page
  4. Select the type of transfer that you are making; three options will be presented to you(Either Personal, Business, or on behalf of someone else)
  5. Fill in your details on the next page and Tap on continue. It should be accurate as possible
  6. On the next page(Recipients), Choose whom you are sending the money to and tap on continue
  7. Fill in the correct recipient details, His email, their full name, and their Mobile number starting with the Country code, for example, 2547XXXXXXX
  8. If you choose to use a Local Bank account Mpesa, the Procedures is still the same
  9. Review your details if what you have entered is correct and accept the Terms of Use at the bottom of the page you are.
  10. Tap on Confirm and continue
  11. The page makes sure that you supply the correct details and complete the transfer on the payment page.

Why should you use Wise in Kenya?

  1. They have a Good rating on Google and Good customer support on website or phone
  2. They have low transfer rates compared with the competitors such as PayPal and many More
  3. Allows you to send money directly to your M-PESA account


Wise is one of the best money sending platforms right now. We like their platform because of the Good reputation, and they are easy to access services, for example, the borderless transfer costs. If you want to send money in Kenya instantly, Wise is the place that you should be aware of

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