Working From Home Effectively: Do’s and Don’ts

In a blink, the span of life has taken a new twist due to the unforeseen outbreak of the novel Covid-19. Due to this, Local and state government across the world have taken unprecedented steps to slow down the spread of the virus through stay-at-home orders.

In the wake of technology advancement in our time, at any other period in time, such drastic measures would have certainly crushed down the economy of any country in all of its facets but fortunately, technology is on our side.

In appreciation to Computers and the internet, now millions of people can effectively work from home while complying with social distancing virtually. Many industries would have faced more dire consequences if not for the technology tools at our disposal.

Many people now find their selves working from home and it has been challenging to some. In this article, we are going to look at some Dos and Don’ts working from home.

The DOs In Working From Home

  • Set up a dedicated workspace – Working at home has become part of our daily life. There is still no vaccine for the Novel corona-virus, thus businesses still operate from home and this is not ending anytime soon. I have seen countless photos of people using their kitchen as their workspace at home. A kitchen is a busy place for most families and the odds are you aren’t going to be much productive using the place. A dedicated home office is an ideal place to be productive. Set up space in your bedroom or garage for your workspace.
  • Set boundaries with yourself and family – There are a lot of distractions from families and even yourself personally when at home. Time has changed and now your work is going to proceed from home. You need to set boundaries for families and your self. Schedule time for your work and eliminate any distractions that will keep you unproductive.
  • Invest in accessories that will make your job easier or comfortable – For productivity, your old accessories might need a little maintenance as it has advanced from personal usage to a business purpose. If possible, change old accessories to suit a business-standard.
  • Repurpose old hardware with minimal investment – Breathe new life into a tired system. Consider topping up your RAM and hard drive since you are going to use your personal system to work from home. Keeping old hardware may reduce your work effort or productivity.

The Don’ts In Working From Home

  • Don’t bother getting dressed to impress – If your job is the one that does not demand video calling, no need to bother the cloth to put on. You can even work with Pajamas on. If it’s the type that demand video calling, you can put on a casual top and you will be good to go. You can check from the image below.
  • Don’t justify you need a new computer or expensive furniture if it isn’t absolutely necessary – Think of what your job actually requires you to do. You don’t need a new computer or furniture’s if your job specification is an online marketer or social media advertiser. You are working virtually from home so expensive furniture is not necessary.
  • You don’t need a faster ISP broadband connection before you can work from home – Many have it in mind, to work from home one need faster broadband. If you have a faster network its a bonus, but you can work from home with any network package. You don’t need a top-tier connection, the mid-range connection is ok to work from home.


Working from home is the norm of our lives now. Its something many people are adjusting to due to the unforeseen novel coronavirus that hit the world.

In this article, I share with you some of the dos and don’ts of working from home effectively.

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