Xbox Series S: Details, Price and Where To Buy In Ghana

Whatever your gaming power and skills are, you definitely need a powerful and reliable console to exhibit your flare. Today’s Gaming world is hijacked by Microsoft and Sony who are the owners of Xbox and PS respectively.

Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox Series S is set to compete with the well-publicized PS5. While most people are still fascinated about the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is about to drop the real deal in its Series S.

Set to be released on November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series S definitely has huge specifications at a relatively low cost for those who might not fancy spending so much on a gaming console.

So, in this article, we shall discuss the specifications, price and where to buy the Xbox Series S in Ghana.

Specifications of the Xbox Series S

Though the official specifications of this device have not been released yet by Microsoft, there have been leaks indicating some specifications of the new gaming console. What’s outstanding about this console is that it is relatively smaller than most of the current Gaming consoles available especially from Microsoft. The Series S would also come with gameplay up to 1440p quality at a refresh rate of 120fps. It is also expected to support 4K output on TV but only for some games. This is a big win for Microsoft considering that the PS5 which is more expensive also has the same function.

Also, the Xbox Series S is definitely a next-generation machine since it’s produced on the no-CD model. Meaning, everything is digital so there is no Disc tray for the Xbox Series S. Games have to be downloaded. The Xbox One Series S is also likely to adapt with Microsoft’s Project Xcloud Game streaming service.

On the downside though, the Xbox Series S definitely has a lower storage capacity than most other next-gen gaming consoles. With a capacity of 512GB SSD, the Series S provides limited space for running modern games. Most games take up tens of GB in storage capacity. So if you are looking to have hundreds of high-spec games on your console, then Xbox Series S might not make the cut for you. But if you are okay with a few tens of games that you can play comfortably, then why not?

However, if you have some more money to invest in your gaming, then you can acquire the 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series S and plug it into your device for more storage space.

In terms of video quality, the Xbox Series S provides users with an unrivalled gaming experience with HDR video quality and an awesome texture.

The sound quality of the Xbox Series S is top-notch with a 3D Spatial sound. It creates a brand new world where you immerse yourself while enjoying your favourite Xbox games.

Price And How To Get Xbox Series S In Ghana

The Xbox Series S is a less expensive version of the popular Xbox Series X. Given how small the Series S is and the powerful specs it possesses, its price is moderate and wouldn’t be too much hustle for anyone who understands the gaming world. So, the leaked price for the Xbox Series S is 299 USD which is approximately GHS 1,794. The expected price of the Xbox Series S in Ghana is between GHS 1,900 to GHS 2,500.

As it stands now, there are no outlets for purchasing the device in Ghana however you can pre-order directly from Microsoft’s website at an equivalent of GHS 1,794.

Sounds cool right? You can order yours here.


Gaming is a perfect way to while away time to refresh your mind and further boost your productivity and creativity. While most people game for pleasure, there are others who take it up as a profession and go on to win international laurels.

In this article, we spoke about one of the world’s most-anticipated gaming consoles, the Xbox Series S. We spoke about its specifications, price and where to get it in Ghana.

If you are a gamer, I believe this article has given you reasons to look forward to and order the Xbox Series S.

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