YouTube Premium: Benefits & How to subscribe

If you enjoy viewing videos on YouTube, you may have thought about signing up for YouTube Premium. However, is YouTube Premium worthwhile?

Let’s look at what YouTube Premium has to offer, what you need to know about the service, and how to evaluate if it’s valuable to you.

What Is the Price of YouTube Premium?

After a one-month free trial, YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) costs $ 11.99 per month. The yearly package is $ 119.99 if you’re certain about the service and want to commit for a full year.

Two months’ worth of savings for making an advance payment. For families and students, there are two more plans.The monthly cost of YouTube Premium’s Family plan is $17.99.

It permits you to add up to five additional household members, for a total of six, who must be at least 13 years old to receive the same advantages. These folks must reside at the same address as you in accordance with YouTube’s rules.

The cost of the Student YouTube Premium plan is $6.99 per month if you are a student and can produce documentation (needed every year). Depending on how frequently you use the features of YouTube Premium, you may decide whether the price is reasonable.

How to sign up for YouTube Premium

  1. Open the YouTube app on your tablet or phone.
  2. Log into the Google Account you want to use to begin your subscription.
  3. Your profile image may be selected and tapped.
  4. Start your free trial now, if you qualify. If not, select acquiring YouTube Premium.

YouTube videos without ads

The primary selling point of YouTube Premium is that it does away with all YouTube commercials. Although there are other techniques to prevent YouTube advertising, these are not authorized and deprive content providers of income.

Additionally, there are no advertisements across all devices, so you won’t see any whether you watch on a smart TV app, a gaming console, a phone, or something similar. It turns out that one of the factors behind YouTube Premium is the ubiquity of ad blocking.

Although YouTube has long been the king of free videos, hosting and streaming those films is expensive. If users continue to reject adverts, YouTube will have to look at new sources of income.

We all agree that commercials are obnoxious, especially when you have to endure a 15-second ad in order to view a 30-second YouTube video. Do you wish to get rid of them?

You can do that with YouTube Premium in a way that supports the artists you watch and keeps the site in operation. According to YouTube, the channels that Premium users view earn a portion of the money paid by those subscribers.

Therefore, by using Premium to view your favorite channels, you are helping those channels make money that they otherwise would have to rely on advertising.

Full Access to YouTube Originals

But there are still benefits to being a YouTube Premium subscriber when it comes to Originals. Subscribers also have access to supplementary materials including director’s edits and deleted sequences in addition to ad-free viewing.

Check out what’s available on the YouTube Originals channel. Only subscribers can access some videos that are designated as Premium. What matters is whether you’re interested in anything that’s being offered.

Access YouTube Music Premium

Access to YouTube Music Premium is also provided with a YouTube Premium membership. YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service if you’re not familiar. In late 2020, Google Play Music was superseded by it.

YouTube Music is free, much like Spotify and other music streaming services. You can also download songs for offline listening with YouTube Music Premium, enjoy ad-free access, and listen to music in the background.

Given that YouTube Music Premium alone costs $9.99 per month, it significantly increases the value of YouTube Premium. If you don’t currently have a membership to Apple Music, Spotify, or another service of a similar nature, you can take advantage of two different subscription types.

Is YouTube TV the same as YouTube Premium

Due to their similar titles, premium services on YouTube are simple to confuse. In addition to the fact that you may sign up for YouTube Music Premium independently of YouTube Premium, we’ve mentioned that YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium.

You should be aware that each of these services is distinct from YouTube TV, though. You may watch live TV channels on YouTube TV, a TV streaming service. It comes with DVR and other streaming TV-related functions.

YouTube TV is not accessible with YouTube Premium, nor does YouTube TV offer any advantages of YouTube Premium. However, as was already said, YouTube TV subscribers do get full access to YouTube Originals. Channel subscriptions are distinct YouTube subscriptions from Premium.

These enable you to profit from something while directly supporting a channel. The removal of adverts from a channel is not one of the perks of YouTube channel membership, though.

Is YouTube Premium Necessary?

Although YouTube Premium has been around for a while, the way YouTube operates hasn’t really changed. You may continue to watch videos from your favorite channels if you don’t want to pay. The removal of all advertising is perhaps YouTube Premium’s greatest advantage.

For this reason alone, if you routinely watch YouTube, it could be worth the money. If you wish to finish your Watch Later list offline while on a trip or flight, you might want to join up for a month and then cancel. Furthermore, if you don’t already subscribe to a premium music service, getting YouTube Music Premium is a good deal.

YouTube Premium doesn’t really offer much else of interest. Most shows don’t require a subscription to watch them, and The Originals Kube is no longer available if you even care about any of them. Netflix now offers Cobra Kai, arguably the biggest YouTube Original.

The quality of the shows and movies available through a mid-tier Netflix subscription is much higher than what YouTube Originals has to offer for roughly the same price. Amazon Prime offers access to Prime Video and Prime Music, free delivery, and other perks for about $12 per month when paid annually.

As a result, YouTube Premium appears to be far less appealing. Another claim is that by supporting YouTube Premium, at least during the time of Originals, YouTube was able to seize control of the content that was previously user-generated. Many individuals declined to join Premium because of this because that was the whole point of YouTube in the first place.


Premium is not necessary unless you have a strong desire to explore the YouTube Originals library. Additionally, you won’t benefit from all of the Premium features if you don’t frequently use YouTube’s mobile applications.

However, YouTube Premium is an excellent deal if you want to remove YouTube advertisements and use YouTube Music Premium frequently. Whether you subscribe to the service or not, you can use these practical YouTube hacks to get the most out of it.

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