10 Facebook Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

At the moment, Facebook is the most popular social media on this planet and with over 1.56 billion people logging in every day.

The platform has billions of users of which we all know me and you are among. you might be an active Facebook user like me or you are not always fond of using Facebook but what if I tell you there are many features that you probably didn’t know existed in the platform?

What we mostly do every day is login, check our notifications, reply to messages, likes and share pictures, texts and article and then leave the platform.

Well, you might be missing a lot and that is why I am writing this article to take you through 10 features that you can find on the Facebook platform.

You Can Save Post And Check It Later

You might be scrolling through your Facebook feeds and will once come across a post but you will be very busy doing something and will really want to check out that post when you are free, well Facebook has also thought of that and definitely know someone can be in such situation.

So when you find a post that you want to read or watch later tap on the three dots on the top right of the post and then tap on save. To access your saved posts, on your app you will find saved posts on the main menu and on desktop, you can find saved posts on the left-hand side of your news feeds.

Know The Data Facebook Has Stored About You

There have been many allegations on Facebook on how they collect peoples data and use them, well Facebook has this option for people who will want to know the type of data Facebook has stored about them and you can check them out and you can also tell them the data you no longer want them to collect about you.

Remove Friends Who ‘Post Too Much’ From Your Newsfeed

 We all have a Facebook friend who is always fond of posting pictures and status, sharing stuff which always ends up taking up all our newsfeeds, anytime you see a post from such friend, all you have to do is to click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post and select Unfollow. Facebook is not going to notify the person and you are still going to be friends with him or her.

Create A Fundraising

Maybe you will want to raise money for someone in need, maybe there for a kid who needs money for surgery or it can be anything that needs contribution, with Facebook you can set up a fundraising and ask your friends to donate the little that they have. To create a Facebook fundraiser, head over to your newsfeed menu and then select Raise Money, you will then need to fill in the details and then you are good to go.

Strengthen Your Security

Well with everyday hacking activities going on, setting up a strong password is recommended but there are people who are working day and night just to get access to your Facebook account and you might one day end up in their trap, you might never know-how.

The best thing to do is to tighten your security on the Facebook platform, that is making Facebook asking you to confirm if its really you by entering a code.

Choose Who To Be Your Legacy Contact

Making someone be your legacy contact means making someone have access to your account in case you are not alive or in a critical condition. To set up a legacy contact what you have to do is to head over to Manage Your Account in the Settings tab.

Get To Know The Time Spend On The Facebook Platform

Maybe you have become addicted to Facebook like me and you will want to know the time you spend on the platform every day, to know this go to your Settings & Privacy on the app and select Time Spent On Facebook.

You will then see the time you spent each day on the app and also if you are finding yourself to be getting too much addicted and will want to limit the way you use the app, you can set reminders and when you use the app and you reach your time limit, the app will notify you.

Set Up Profile Video

You can use a video that lasts for 7 seconds as your profile, this makes your profile page unique as anybody who visits your page doe not see a picture but a real video of you.

Choose Who To See First

Maybe there are some people you will not want to miss their post or a page that you are so connected the extend that missing a post from that particular page will be like missing something important.

You can select that special page or person to see first so that anytime there is a post, it will be the first to appear on your newsfeed.

Have A Watch Party

Want to watch videos but want to watch your friends? Facebook has a feature called watch party that allows you to watch videos together with your friends.


Facebook has a lot of super cool features and in this article, we went through the best Facebook features that you need to know about.

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