4 Apps That Support Self Destructing Messages

Chatting applications have multiplied over the years with numerous newbies joining the tonnes of already existing users, every single day.

While chat and messaging apps have become an important part of our lives, there is one main thing that has been of major concern to most users.

Security on the internet is one key thing that the internet infrastructure has not been able to guarantee 100 per cent of. As such, people keep finding ways of ensuring their safety and security online.

This insecurity is also present in the chat or online messaging world. With what has now become known as ‘receipts’ or in common terms, screenshots pulling up here and there, the security of parties having chats on messaging apps has become an immense concern.

You could send a message to someone, hoping it’s just between you two and the next thing you know is that the person has shared that information with the whole world via the power of social media.

Also, kids and other minors may want to avoid people having access to confidential information on their phones, especially in their chat apps.

With all these and many other instances taken into consideration, the concept of self-destructing messaging apps was introduced.

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What Are Self-Destructing Messaging Apps?

Self-destructing messaging apps are applications that automatically deletes messages from both the receiver and the sender’s devices upon the expiration of a certain pre-defined time by the sender. So, just like Whatsapp chats where you can delete messages from both devices after sending, in this case, you’ll time the message such that if the time elapses after the recipient had read the message, then it gets deleted on both devices.

Apps That Support Self-Destructing Messages

Now, let’s get into details of the various chatting apps that support self-destructing messages.


Snapchat is arguably the world’s leading photo and videos sharing app. Millions of people share various photos, texts and videos on this app that has brought about a social media craze over the years.

For most Snapchat users, the main reason they spend their entire day on the app is that they could send photos and videos to people with the assurance that it’ll be deleted as soon as the recipient views them. This has been the prime reason for the introduction of the app and so users are always excited about it.

It is only right therefore that Snapchat finds its way as the number one app on our list here.


Wickr is one unique brand in the messaging industry. It comes with extra security features which make it difficult for any other person apart from the intended recipient to have access to the message sent by the sender.

Wickr makes use of data encryption or cryptography to encrypt messages from the sender with 5 different security layers which make it impossible for any other person to have access to your message or for it to be forwarded to another contact.

So wickr is the second app on this list of self-destructing messaging apps. Wickr is mostly used by secret agencies and other security forces in their works but can also be used by individuals as well.


One of the finest seld-destructing messaging apps available on the internet today is Bleep. Bleep offers a wide range of login methods including mobile number, email and or incognito mode.

Aside from the self-destruction and end-to-end encryption features available on Bleep, the platform also offers a feature called ‘Whisper’. When you Whisper a message to another person on Bleep, they cannot forward the message nor can they screenshot or do any other thing apart from reading and replying.

Also, Bleep has an anonymous messaging feature which only shows the Initials of the sender to the recipient.


Telegram is one of the most-used chat applications in the world currently. Aside from the fact that it enables users to send files, documents and applications unlike most other chat applications, Telegram also has a self-destructing feature.

Messages sent to users on Telegram can be timed to self-destruct after the recipient has viewed the message.

This function is available in the Secret Chat feature of Telegram.

For more security, Telegram uses end-to-end encryption to prevent external bodies and applications from having access to messages sent between users on the platform.


Safety and privacy on the internet is one thing most people and security companies have advocated in favour of. Over the years, various people have raised concerns about the safety of data and messages on various chat platforms due to the intrusion of third parties.

In this article, we looked at four chat applications which support self-destructing messages. These apps are responsible for preventing third-party involvement in chats.

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