4 Reading Apps for Book Lovers

Books have for long been a cherished tool and source of information to many people.

Whether you just want to while away time, you want to gather new pieces of information or just try to entertain yourself, books always come in as a handy choice.

Thanks to the digitization process, the days of paperback books are finally fading and we’re wading more and more into a new world of digital books.

Most people now own smartphones and reading devices that enable them to read quite a chunk of books online.

But, how many reading apps do you know? And which ones have you used before?

Did you get the books you wanted from the app you used?

In this article, we take you through four of the best reading apps you can use on all devices as a book lover.

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Goodreads is arguably synonymous with an eBook reader. It holds in its bosom a user database of over 40 million and over 1 Billion books.

These books are drawn from various genres, categories and authors all over the world.

Books in this app are mostly segmented based on recommendations made by the app for you, those made by your friends for you and the best collections on yearly basis.

The Goodreads app is available on IOS and Android devices.

What’s more, it’s completely free of charge! You can download the app now and start reading any book of your choice from the large collection available.

Goodreads also has an interesting Barcode scanner feature that enables users to add paperback books to their digital reading list on the app.


Wattpad is more like a digital reading community. With Millions of readers scattered across the world, Wattpad offers an opportunity for readers and writers to meet and share ideas.

Writers are provided with a rapidly growing readily-hungry audience to feed with their magnificent works of art.

Wattpad is available on IOS, Android and also on the web as a web app. It is primarily a story reading app.

Users can read their favourite stories in chapters as blog posts. Wattpad however makes revenue from in-service ads.

So, you could expect to see some ads when using this application. There’s a premium version that takes off the ads though.

You can get this for 5.99 USD per month.


Top of the class! Yes, that’s how to describe Epic! It’s the leading reading app for kids younger than 12 years of age.

Epic! provides a wide range of books for children under the age of 12. From age-based readers to books for learning languages and down to study materials.

Due to the relevance of Epic! in teaching and learning, most schools encourage the use of it among their students.

You can download this app on your IOS or Android device. It goes for a cool 7.99 USD per month for parents and their children.

Educators can however get it for free.


Inkitt is the perfect fit for an online library. It has thousands of books cutting across various genres and categories.

The app is owned by a publishing firm that stocks its online library with books from various authors and drawn from various categories.

Users can download books from the application and save these books in their offline library.

It is also a self-promotion platform for new authors.

The Inkitt application is available on IOS and Android applications and it’s free of charge.


Reading is one of the best ways to entertain yourself and gather information.

But today, paperbacks are gradually fading out and eBooks are taking over. This is highly necessitated by the influx of smartphones on the market.

Due to this, there are hundreds of applications available for reading eBooks online. Choosing from them is merely a hard battle.

Getting the right application to read these books on your smartphones is really necessary.

In this article, we spoke about Goodreads, Inkitt, Wattpad and Epic! as some of the best applications for book lovers.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you’ll share it with your friends and family.

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