5 Best Websites For Creating Avatars Online

Avatars are a great way of creating a Profile Image for yourself on social media or websites without necessarily uploading your personal photos.

For most people, security and privacy is the main reason they are unable to put up their personal photos on social media. With scammers everywhere, looking for people’s images to use for their criminal activities, it is better to keep your photos away from social media.

An Avatar is simply a cartoon version of a normal photo which is usually even smaller in size and can be used as a profile picture or display photo.

If you have been searching all portals on the internet for ways to create your personal avatars for your social media handles, then you just chanced on luck.

In this article, I shall take you through some of the best websites for creating an avatar online.

Face Your Manga

Looking for a trusted site that enables you to create your avatar from photos taken on your phone? Then look no further. Faceyourmanga.com is one of the world’s biggest Avatar sites. This site allows you to create an avatar with photos on your phone. Also, you can further customize your avatar by adding birthmarks, blemishes, scars, moles and a third-eye. You also get to select your eyebrow type with this website.

Arguably, this is about the best site for creating Avatar on the internet today. You should check it out.

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My Blue Robot

Second, on this list is My Blue Robot. At mybluerobot.com, you are given the ability to add extra tools and looks to your avatar. Aside from the basic elements such as the nose size, ear size, facial appearance and hair, you can also add special magical effects to your avatar. Things such as wings, power equipment and a range of many others can be added to your Avatar when using My Blue Robot. It is one of the best apps for creating a uniquely different Avatar which stands out wherever you use it.

You can even move your avatar’s eyes up and down or shift them from side to side when using this site. It also gives you the power to tilt the head of your avatar.

Avachara Avatar

With Avachara Avatar, you get the chance to not only create a beautiful Avatar but also to change the colour of the clothing, type of clothing and even accessories.

You can manually set up your Avatar to look completely different from what others have on their profiles. The Avachara Avatar also gives you the power to change the background or wallpaper for your Avatar. It is a fully-customizable Avatar-making website and it works fine for all kinds of people.

The only limitation however is that the backgrounds provided are limited in number and does not cover landscapes. This in itself may not be considered as a limitation, considering that the site is completely free to use.

You can check Avacharaavatar.com to create a beautiful Avatar for yourself.


Zmoji is a web app which helps people to create their personal beautiful avatar images. With Zmoji, the whole process starts with you creating a photo of yourself. Then you upload the photo and convert it into an Avatar. So basically, Zmoji helps you to create Avatars that are 99.9 per cent like you.

You can create your Avatar on Zmoji’s Website or download their app from the Google Playstore.

The Good thing about the Zmoji app is that it comes with an in-built keyboard which makes it easy for you to use the Avatar created with the app on all your various social media platforms. It is a great platform for creating a personalized Avatar.

Avatar Maker

Finally, number 5 on this list is Avatar Maker. The Avatar Maker is a cleanly-designed website for creating your personalized avatar for social media. It enables you to create a completely personalized avatar. You can change face shape, nose shape and size, eye shape and size and other facial details with this website.

It is completely free of charge. And it is one of the best available on the internet presently.


Personal privacy and security on the internet are very important especially in today’s world where trust is a missing ingredient in the soup of life. If you must maintain a clean profile on social media and the internet today, then posting your photos randomly should be a thing of the past.

Therefore, using Avatars on social media and the internet as a whole is a new trend that is gradually taking over.

In this article, we discussed 5 of the best websites for creating your personal avatar online.

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