5 Ways To Use MTN Mobile Money Like a Boss

In today’s world where technology is taking over everything including finance and jobs, the least one could do is to show off their inclination to technology.

Today, mobile money is the new cash in the Ghanaian economy. Almost everyone in Ghana has a mobile money account.

However, most of such people don’t know of how best to utilize their mobile money wallets to solve some daily problems without having to move from place to place thus, doing things as a boss.

In this article, we take you through some 5 transactions you can do on your MTN Mobile money wallet while you move about town, feeling like a Boss! You may already have had some knowledge about this but I’m sure you’ll certainly see something new here.

1. Loan Services

With MTN Mobile money, loan acquisition has become a lot easier and less stressful as you can acquire loans up to 1,000 GHS from the comfort of your home through your mobile money wallet.

Recently, there has been the Ahomka Loan from MTN. You should check it out.

Treasury Bills

With MTN mobile money, your investment has been made a lot more easier and safer as you don’t have to carry your hard cash to the banking institutions and more for payment into your investment accounts. You can invest in Treasury Bills on Mobile Money that from your phone, in the comfort of your couch while sipping on some chilled sobolo.

Pension and Investment Scheme

The desire of everyone in the world is to be able to go on retirement and live the dream life they’ve always hoped for themselves. With your MTN mobile money, this could be a reality for anyone and everyone without so much hustle. You get one of the realest returns on investment for your pension benefits and also, there is a part of the money that you can withdraw yearly to cater for your everyday needs while the other part also grows in your investment account.

Bill Payment

The stressful wait in long queues and the hectic trudging through tight traffic to make payments to your service providers including NHIS, ECG, Water Company, Telecom networks and others has come to an end. All thanks to MTN Mobile money, you can make payments for all your subscriptions through your mobile phone without any much hustle. And you get to save yourself sometime to get some more cedis or perhaps, spend time with your loved ones.

Bank Deposit

One thing I’ve always dreaded is the pain of traveling all the way to my bank just to deposit money into my account.

What even annoys me is the fact that everyone looks at you as if you’ve come to take billions of cedis. And you know how it feels when everyone thinks you have it, yet you don’t?

Yes, thankfully, if you’re like me, you have been saved by MTN Mobile money. You can make deposits into your bank account so easily without any hustle and you get notified when the money hits your account. Isn’t it so interesting?

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MTN Mobile Money has indeed made life way easier for us all as we do not have to combine the stress of our workload with some daily activities including those listed above. Kindly explore your MTN Mobile Money portal for other beautiful offers and services.  

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