6 Google Chrome Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

It is no news that Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used browsers.

It boasts of support for a large number of extensions. You would agree that these extensions make life easier if you’ve ever used any of them.

Google Chrome is also known for its great user interface. Despite these amazing features, there is still an argument as to whether it is the best browser. 

It is a very versatile application with loads of functionalities that an average user probably never knew existed. In this article, we are going to be talking about five of these features you probably didn’t know about.

Browse anonymously with incognito mode

Google Chrome has a feature that allows you to browse the internet and remain untraceable. Yes, nobody will be able to track you.

This is possible because, in this mode, Chrome doesn’t keep browsing history or store website cookies. If you ever want to browse for things you don’t want anyone to know about, just go “Incognito”

To do this, click on the three-dot icon at the top right and select New Incognito window.

Right Click to search Google.

While browsing through a web page, you may come across a word or phrase and you are curious to know the meaning. 

You don’t have to open a new tab to search the word, simply highlight the word or phrase and right click, you will see the option ‘Search Google for (the word or phrase you highlighted)

Clear Your Chrome History

You can clear your browsing history, caches and website cookies from your chrome.

To do this, simply click the three-dot icon on the top right and select More tools > Clear browsing data.

It allows you to delete everything or select the ones you want to delete.

Download files to your preferred location

For easy access to your downloaded files, you can choose where you want them to be saved. This saves you the stress of looking for the files when you need them.

Click the three-dot icon at the top right and select Setting>Advanced>Downloads and here you can change the location to anywhere on your system. 

Open Accidentally Closed Tabs

At one point or the other, while browsing on your Google Chrome, you must have closed some tabs by mistake.

Google understands that this happens and included a feature that helps you recover the tabs easily.

Whenever you close a tab by mistake, simply right-click on any open tab and select “Reopen closed tabs”. In case you don’t find this option, you can make use of your keyboard by holding Ctrl+Shift+T and your closed tab will be restored.

Pin Tabs

If you are the type that works with multiple tabs, and you need to keep certain ones open while making sure you don’t lose something, Google Chrome has got you covered.

You can pin a tab to your Chrome browser. To do this, right-click on the tab and select the pin tab.

This pushes the tab to the front line and it is turned into a small icon. Once you do this, your pinned tabs will remain there if you close Chrome and reopen it. 


These features and many others are the reason a lot of people have refused to try out other browsers since they get what they want from Google Chrome.

Do you know about the other features that you have used? Please share in the comments.

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