A Guide to Esports And Their Success in The Gambling World

There is a new trend amongst gamblers aside from the traditional games and it is Esports a growing trend. It Is exciting and the industry is worth at least 1 billion US dollars a year and is expected to be valued at 1.7 billion by 2022. With such a market the gambling market is also cashing in on this emerging business and for good reasons. Esports are becoming mainstream not just amongst gamblers but also the international community, possibly being recognized in the next Olympic Games as a legitimate sport due to the huge popularity the industry has evolved into.

Esports as fast as the industry is evolving it is unlikely to overtake traditional brick and mortar casinos or online casinos anytime soon, games such as online poker or online Baccaratwill still have a huge following but they are creating waves in the gambling world. Often fast and exciting it is aimed more at a younger market and huge stadiums can be filled out when competitions are being held with many more millions of people watching online. Despite its rise in popularity companies such as LV BET still enjoy success with online traditional gambling.

The Best Way to Win at Gambling in The Esports World

Understanding Esports is the key to a successful gambling strategy, unlike other sports, the Esport world is very different and research is essential. Many people are new to the concept of betting on Esports but with so many competitions and tournaments being held daily it can be a lucrative market to make some money. Placing multiple bets on a single competition is often the best way to make a return the same as a horse race or greyhound racing, coving multiple bets at any event can ensure you at least your investment is returned and hopefully a profit.

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Another good way to ensure you do not lose and it’s the same with any bookmaker is to take full advantage of the free money to new account holders or other promotional offers they offer. All bookmakers do this and it is a good way to try and make some money from any sport or casino website. 

Which Are The Most Popular Esports to Bet on?

With a wide range of games to place bets on it can be hard to choose but the big 3 are League of Legends, Dota 2 (Defense Of The Ancients), and Counter-Strike Global Offensive, these three games are currently the most popular in gambling circles. The majority of bookmakers will have options for you to place bets on Esports games like this and many others including:

  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Starcraft
  • Valorant

There are many others to choose from, again it is essential to do your homework on which individual player or team that is competing. There are many players out there and it is a competitive sport and a competitive gambling market to play in. it is in fact one of the most exciting gambling markets to be involved in.

Handicap Betting Can Often be The Best Choice For Betting on Esports

Handicap betting is often the best choice for gamblers in all sports, often when there is a clear favorite the bookmaker will give the team most likely to win a deficit negative point margin. This means the favorite must win for example by often 2 or 3 points more than their opponent, it does level the betting field for gamblers and is used in most sports betting. This gives the gambler a better chance of receiving a return on their bet.

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It gives the gambler a good chance but is not guaranteed, soccer, cricket, or rugby is also very popular for handicap betting. Many people take advantage of these odds and can do very well from it, it is a gamble for the bookmaker and the punter but often better than placing a straight bet to win or lose, the odds can be more in your favor.

Betting Outright Can be Risky But Profitable

Betting outright on a team or individual player will offer better odds but as with any sports betting carries more risk, picking an outright winner can be difficult and knowledge of the sport involved is essential. Esports is no different from other types of sports betting, horse racing or soccer are hard to predict and so is Esports, competitors can have a bad day the same as any professional athlete.

Before placing your bets remember you can always live bet during the game, this is often the preferred method for many people as you can judge for yourself the way the game is developing, although the longer you leave the placing of the bet the odds will shorten as the outcome will become more apparent.

Just How Much Money is The Esports Gambling Industry Worth?

Esports have been around a long time, the first recorded event for a cash win was at Stanford University in October 1972 playing Atari Space Invaders but due to the lack of official diligence, it took some time for the industry to really take off. But during the ’90s and into the new millennium people started to take Esports very seriously and huge competitions online and live events became very popular with big prizes for the winners.

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Now the Esports industry is worth an estimated 1 billion USD and the gambling market in 2020 for Esports was around 22 billion USD, a huge sum of money for potential gamblers to get involved in. It is yet to challenge traditional brick and mortar casino gambling or online casinos but is growing at a fast pace.

A Different Type of Gambling For Most

Skin betting is another lucrative market for potential gamblers, the idea behind it is being able to swap for money the design of your weapon or caricature to make it more fearsome or intimidating. Big money is traded and people take it very seriously, the most expensive in Global-counter Strike recently sold for 26,000 USD, it does not improve your chances of winning but other gamers are envious and the trade for swapping or buying is huge.

Skin trading has its problem though with young people essentially gambling in a largely unregulated market as it is not done through a licensed bookmaker or legal authority and just peer to peer. Anybody under the age of 18 in most countries this is considered illegal but due to the lack of regulations it happens, it will not change the game and its outcome but players have pride in their weapons.


Esports are not new but have taken on new popularity in the gambling world, exciting and everyone can play unlike other more physical sports such as Rugby or Soccer, also most people have access to a mobile device such a laptop or tablet and can join in. The industry is continually growing. Unlike traditional casinos which have been affected by Covid-19 online casinos and Esports gambling have been reaching record numbers of customers. With new games being developed each year that attract more players and with it more gambling the industry looks only to go from strength to strength.

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