How To Activate MTN Unlimited Data Plan Via FBB

The internet has perpetually become part of our lives. If not for work, then for entertainment, studies or business. There’s absolutely a reason for you to access the internet every single day.

The only language which the internet understands is data. Data in the form of things you read, view and see on the internet and ultimately, the currency you use to access this information on the internet.

There are well of a few tens of internet service providers in Ghana. It’s no doubt that internet cost seems to be on the high here. The service providers even make it worse by adding expiry dates to their data packages.

This means that even when you struggle to buy their expensive data packages and you are unable to finish it within the given time frame, you tend to lose the remaining data altogether.

In this article, we introduce you to how you can activate the unlimited MTN Data Package using the Fibre Broadband (FBB) service.

What’s MTN FBB?

MTN Fibre broadband is a fixed high-speed internet service provided for homes and offices.

The FBB service enables users to stream videos, watch live shows, play games online and surf the internet at high speed of up to 60Mbs.

The service is however available only in some parts of the country. You can check the coverage areas here.

How It Works

In order to have access to the MTN Fibre broadband service, you need to contact MTN to set you up through the following processes:

  1. MTN will extend a fibre optic cable from the nearest location to your office or home.
  2. They’ll then connect a router at your office or home (whichever you are installing the service at). Then they’ll link the device to the fibre optics.
  3. Next, they’ll configure your router for internet access.
  4. Finally, you can access the internet via Wifi or the cable.

Fibre Broadband Data Packages

The Fibre Broadband service provides two types of data packages for users. There’s the capped data packages and unlimited data packages.

Unlimited data packages allow users to use as much data as they want within a specific time frame. This is mostly a monthly data package.

The unlimited data package is however further sub-categorized based on speed. It starts from 2Mbs up to 60Mbs.

The Capped data packages are normal data packages that come with a specific volume at a specific cost and last for as long as the user manages without an expiry.

See below the data packages and their prices.


Note: These are the special data packages. You can buy higher amounts by putting in your preferred amount to get its related data volume.

VolumePrice (GHS)Speed
Unlimited9904 MBPS
Unlimited2,58016 MBPS
Unlimited3,07320 MBPS
Unlimited6,44045 MBPS
Unlimited8,27460 MBPS


MTN Fibre broadband is one of the fastest internet connectivity available in Ghana. It provides a speed of up to 60 MBPS.

If you’re looking for a high-speed internet service which offers unlimited data packages, then you have MTN Fibre broadband to turn to.

However, if your area is not covered by the Fibre broadband service, then you may want to consider the MTN Turbonet. It also provides a similar service except that it doesn’t have unlimited packages.

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