Apps to install to help find your Android device if you lose it

Phones have become part of our lives, according to research, people spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes using their phones each day.

The phone is what we use to do everything today like checking up on our friends, visiting various social media channels to find what’s trending and making calls.

Well, you can make some of them with your pc or laptop but phone as we call it is a mobile, meaning you can take it anywhere and that’s why the phone is nowadays used in making everything, even nowadays phones perform many tasks that were only meant for pc or laptops, so many people don’t even prefer using computers again unless it’s something critical that needs a desktop screen.

Losing your phone is one of the painful things that will ever happen to you, if you are like me who have lost his phone before, you will agree with me after finding out your phone is lost, your mood and everything changes, sometimes you won’t even feel like you are hungry even when you have not eaten the whole day (this happened to me when I lost my phone).

What makes losing your phone one painful thing to ever feel is not only about the price of the phone but also the data that you have on that phone.

You might be like me who mostly work using phone or you might have some pictures or files that are more sensitive or important to you in a way that nobody should have access to it.

Losing a phone can happen to anyone so it is better to have some sort of anti-theft apps, so if you don’t want to go through what I went through then this article is for you as in this article, I am going to take you through Apps you can install on your Android Phone to find it when someone steals it or it goes missing.

Google already has a built-in app that you can use to track your phone, we are also going to go through other best third-party apps that perform the same task after a briefing about the Google inbuilt app.

Google Find My Phone

As stated earlier, this is an inbuilt app for android devices, this app does not only let you track your stolen or misplaced phone but it can also let you remotely lock your phone, wipe all your data in your phone, sign out all your accounts on that phone remotely.

How To Activate Find My Phone?

This app is activated by default on all android phones, but to be sure its activated visit Settings > Google > Security you will see Find My Phone there, tap on it and you will see it activated, if it’s not, then turn it on.

How To Find Your Phone When It Gets Stolen Or You Misplaced It Using Find My Device

There are two ways to find your phone using find my device and they are using the web by visiting or downloading the find my phone app on Google Play Store.

Anti-Theft Alarm

The anti-Theft alarm is one of my favourite apps used in tracking your phone or letting you get your stolen phone back, this app has so many features but before telling you the other feature let me tell you the feature I use most on this app.

This app has a feature called Charger Detection Mode, what it does is that when you put your phone on charge then you activate this feature and when someone unplugs your phone, it will start making noise.

Maybe you will be at a crowded place and your phone will be on the verge of dying, you might want to charge your phone but will be afraid that someone might unplug it and steal it, this is when this feature comes into use, as soon as someone unplugs your phone the phone will start to make a siren noise and to deactivate this noise, the person will have to type in your password or verify your fingerprint which we all know he can’t do that.

Another feature is called Motion Detection Mode, when you place your phone somewhere and you don’t want anybody to touch it, then you activate this feature when someone touches your phone and your phone moves, it will start making noise until the password or fingerprint is verified.

The app has a Sim Detection Mode, which will alert you when you change your sim card, and also a feature called Proximity Detection Mode, which also start ringing when your phone is removed from your pocket, I mostly activate this feature when I am going to a crowded place, when someone tries to steal your phone from your pocket, then this app will start ringing and there is no way the thief can steal your phone.

The app works even when your phone is on silent, I must say this app is a must-have app.

Avast Mobile Security

This app has so many features such as scanning your apps for threats, app locking, hiding your sensitive media files, however, we are only interested in the anti-theft feature and that’s what we are going to talk about.

The app has an anti-theft feature that has so many features in it, you can lock your phone as soon as it detects a sim change, also remotely lock your device until your pin is entered, and also you can take pictures of the environment that your phone is located without the thief finding out.

 You can also remotely let it ring and to deactivate the sound, the thief will have to type in your password.

This app is free but to benefit from the anti-theft features you will need to subscribe.


Losing your phone out of the blue is one of the painful experience that will ever happen to you, in this article we went through third-party apps that you can install to avoid getting your phone stolen and apps that you can use to get your misplaced or stolen phone back.

Which one are you trying installing first and why that one?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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