Best Jokes Apps For Android To Make You Laugh All Day

Telling or listening to a joke is a great icebreaker. You can ease the tension, make someone laugh, and create a whole lot of happy moods. There are so many jokes out there, and they are easy to find.

There are a lot of Android apps available in the Play store that offer daily jokes to its users. I personally have exploited numerous of those apps, hence introducing them to you in this post.

Basically, every website on the internet has jokes so it’s hard to not find them when you searching for them. Below are the best joke apps to make you laugh all day.


9Gag is a general humour site with a lot of funny content. You can find memes, jokes, and fellow humour enthusiasts who are more enough cracking jokes of their own.

The app is fairly simple to use with an interactive user-friendly interface. Simply, you will come by a lot of jokes to laugh your brains out.

The fallout in this app is the obnoxious advertisement, but you will get used to it after a while. You can upgrade to the premium version to remove the ads.

Dad Jokes

This app is a minimal, simple app packed to the full with dad jokes. The app is completely comprised of one-liners and the controls are super easy to come by. There are plenty of jokes available in this app.

The app allows you to add your own joke to its library and you can theme it to your own preference.

Google Play Books

One of the original methods of collecting jokes was through books. That tradition is still alive and well today. Most ebook markets have a metric ton of joke books, complete with user reviews so you can pick the best ones.

Most ebook platforms let you download books for offline reading and they’re all fairly easy to use .

Google Assistant and Google search are two more excellent joke apps. You can easily search for jokes and Google will provide them through search. In addition to, Google Assistant will flat tell you jokes if you ask it to.

You can use the Google Search app to find the best joke out there to crack your ribs


iFunny works a lot in similar ways like 9Gag. You enter the app and browse around for many jokes, memes, funny stories, and other humorous content. It has an easy user interface and there’s a fresh smattering of things every day.

The app works pretty well most of the time although it has some bugs we hope the developers fix it sooner.


Boredom is something nobody likes to experience. Listening to jokes or reading jokes is the best experience to kill boredom. In this article, I have provided some of the best joke apps available on Android to make you laugh all day.

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