Blogging in Ghana: 3 Misconceptions about Blogging and Bloggers

Blogging in Ghana has become very popular. These days, there are a lot of bloggers everywhere, and with them, their blogs. Some people blog on issues and some do lifestyle.

A lot more people blog on news, and there are some who do the very unreasonable “copy and paste”. But hey, everyone is blogging!

There are about a whopping 173 million blogs worldwide and this is just an estimation. It is very difficult to tell the number of blogs in the world but one thing is for sure there are a lot more some alive, some dead and some on and off. With a huge interest in blogging nowadays, there is also a lot of misconceptions about it, especially about Ghanaian bloggers and blogging in Ghana.

Today we look at some of the misconceptions associated with bloggers in Ghana and blogging in general. At the end of this post, don’t forget to tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

Misconceptions about blogging and bloggers in Ghana

  1. You can start a blog and make money quickly

How much money can you make from Blogging in Ghana?

This is a very big misconception here in Ghana and it’s as well funny for me. A lot of peeps think when you start a blog, that’s a sure banker making easy money. Well the whole mechanism of making money with blogging is not as easy as it sounds. Ghanaian readers are discerning enough to know who really is providing them with information and value and who just wants to bait them to visiting their site.

To think of making money with your blog, you have to provide good value for your readers, build a strong reading community and let you readers identify with you. This is not something you can do overnight, right?

You can have a fair idea of how much a website is making online. Just search the website on $

  1. Bloggers just sit around all day behind their computers and tablets

Bloggers have a whole different life than you would imagine

I personally have not met any blogger who sits behind his or her devices all day just blogging! The truth of the matter is most bloggers actually have a job or are students who are busy most of the time. True bloggers have the passion to share information with their readers and therefore make time to do this. They do not have all the time in the world like most people assume. Even full-time bloggers are most of the time not behind the computers. They go out to meet people, have social interactions and look for other ways to advertise their blog and make a business out of it. From experience, I realize bloggers are some of the best volunteers ever. S/O to Skinny Rahim of

  1. Blogging is the easiest thing you could do

Blogging has never been easy
Blogging has never been easy

Hahaha! This one is very funny yet very understandable too.  For a lot of people it takes 2 to 5 minutes to read a simple blog post but have you thought about what goes into just one blog post? Especially for bloggers like myself who are not very gifted writers, you could spend about 3 hours minimum on a blog post. You need to write a blog post, edit and proof read it. Then you need to look for images that are relevant for the blog post; if you don’t get any you might have to take them yourself, edit them to your satisfaction and then add them to the post.

One of the most difficult things about blogging is getting fresh ideas each and every day or on a regular basis. And sometimes when you have these ideas you do not even know how to present them. After all is done you need to share your blog posts to your audience and that’s another big job. Next time you think blogging is easy, it may be because a lot of work and effort went into it each post to make it “easy” for you to read and comprehend.

Blogging is not an easy path to success, and most people blog because they have the passion to do so. Professional blogging is expensive and not so cheap like is assumed by many. Any questions for a blogger? Ask below. Don’t forget to check out out “Learn to Blog” Series.

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