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How to Start a Blog in Ghana (Step by Step Guide)

Do you want to start a blog the right way? Starting a blog can be a frightening thought especially when you are not a too much of a tech person. In fact, for a lot of people I have met over the last few years, starting a blog was as easy as saying “Just go to and follow the instructions”.

The series of posts that I am going to put here will help you to start and maintain a good blog, even if you have no technical or technological idea whatsoever in blogging. The process of starting a blog, although easy can be very complicated and lead to a lot of problems if you do not do it right.

When I started my first blog sometime back, I wish I had someone to tell me to do this or to do that, or to explain what permalink meant or what “self-hosted” meant. Too bad I had to rely on Google every step of the way until I made all the mistakes a beginner would make.

Well, you do not have to make the same mistakes if you are starting a blog. This series will take you through the process of creating and maintaining a good blog, making your readers happy and satisfying your need to write or inform people.

In this series, we will tackle the following:

  1. Why Start a blog?
  2. Deciding on what to blog
  3. What you need to start a blog
  4. Setting Up Your Blog
  5. Writing Your Blog Posts
  6. Making Money from Your Blog
  7. Maintaining Your blog

If you would want help starting your blog, I offer free WordPress Blog setup. But first, read all the posts in the series to understand what you are getting yourself into.

Got any questions about starting a blog? Leave them in the comment below and I will reply every last one of them. All the best.

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