6 tips to Buy Safely from Tonaton, OLX or any other Classifieds site

Tonaton and OLX are the two biggest online classified websites in Ghana. We have already compared Tonaton and OLX in this post.

With a lot of sales and purchases been transacted daily on both Tonaton and OLX, we present readers of Mfidie.com with 6 tips to help you stay safe on the platforms.

  1. The cheaper, the riskier.
    Always buy items whose price does not deviate much from other items in the same category. If it’s too good to be real, it most probably is not real.
  2. Never make a down payment before meeting the seller. Never!
  3. Always meet in person and at a Public Place too. This gives you the chance to check what you’re buying. You are less likely to suffer from “Kwashee” if you are meeting at a public place.
  4. Check the item(s) carefully. Cross check with the ad if necessary. Make sure all items listed in the ad is what you actually have before you.
  5. Ask for “papers”. This is most applicable when buying a car, or electronics. Ask for receipts if it involves a huge sum and try take a photo of the seller with their consent first. If documentation is important for what you are buying and the seller can not get it for you, it is better you don’t buy at all.
  6. Avoid following people to their “homes” or “offices” and go with a friend (especially an expert in what you are buying) if you are not comfortable going alone. Don’t trust someone too much just because of what they say. Stay alert and trust your instincts.
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Remember to make safety a priority when making online transactions.
Remember to make safety a priority when making online transactions.

Thank you for reading. Have something to share or any other safety point? Drop in the comment box below.6

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