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When was the last time you visited a classifieds site? As someone involved in tech, I tend to be very interested in online classifieds and I’m here to talk to you about – A Ghanaian online marketplace where you can buy & sell.

According to Pepapa’s about page, their aim is simple: To empower everyone to be able to buy and sell without any difficulties.

This they do by giving both sellers and buyers a platform to post and search for goods and services. Currently, there are about 12 different categories of products and services ranging from electronics to real estate and jobs.

I checked through some of the classifieds and although they were not as many as one would expect from a big classifieds site, they sure are quality.

I didn’t find or flag any of the iPhones on sale as suspicious like I have seen on some other platforms over the past few months.

Well, let’s dig deeper into the review and see all that is about.

Website Design

Pepapa has both a website and a mobile app (for android and iOS). For the purposes of this review, I would be focusing primarily on the website, with a look at the mobile app later on.

One thing I love about every service that I have used is that it took me zero time to get used to the interface and functionality and Pepapa does this very well. The website follows good intent practices by making sure there is a search bar on almost every page, unlike some others that we have seen in the past.

What bugged my eyes were a few stretched images when I visited on my PC, however, it looked very organised on my phone.

One other thing I liked about the design was how fast the website loads overall. On the average, I got a load time of 2 to 5 seconds and this was confirmed via a pingdom test I did.

The harmonious purple, orange and white colour scheme is bright enough, sort of to keep you “alert” when on the site. As a fan of everything dark mode, I am looking at more websites giving that option although that is currently not a thing anywhere.


Pepapa is an online classifieds marketplace for Ghanaians and as such, people should be able to buy and sell there.

However, everyday people do not need to sign up to view classifieds listing and it is good that the platform maintains this industry standard.

For those that want to post their ads, they can do so as a single person (personal account) or as a Company/Brand Account.

Signing up

One of the things I hate is to sign up for new services. For a classifieds site, I would expect to just go straight to posting my ad without the need for long sign up forms.

On, that is possible. Once you click on the “sell” sign at the top right of the screen, you are ushered to a new page where you list your ad and add your seller information.

What I like about it is that it is straightforward and simple. However, fraudsters may take advantage of it if there are no measures to combat that.

For those who want to create a full account first, it’s calming to know that it was very simple to sign up for a personal account on

Note that you only need to sign up if you are looking to post ads. In my case, I wanted to explore the process and maybe list my Pixel 2 XL when I get a Pixel 4 😀

There are a range of adverts that can be posted and/or viewed on See them below:

Classifieds categories on

  • Phones – Tablets
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Real Estate
  • Home-Furnitures
  • Animals & Pets
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Services & Industries
  • Art – Sports


A differentiator that Pepapa offers which I am yet to see on the other platforms is the access to information and other resources to both sellers and buyers.

For example, I glanced through the hints page which can be found here and there were videos and articles on primarily tech advice and lots of how-tos that are very beneficial. It can be seen as the Pepapa blog.

There is also an entertainment page with entertainment news, although there was only one entry on that page at the time of publication.

Pepapa also has exclusive special deals and tips for businesses.


When it comes to online services where cash is involved, it is important to know that it is run and managed by competent and credible people who are not just out to take your money. in itself is credible and registered in Ghana. As they are running a 2 sided market place, the credibility of their sellers also matters to them. This is why according to the CEO, the conduct checks on all ads posted on the platform, flag suspicious ones and flag them for further action.

This is to ensure that buyers are safe at all times. Don’t forget to check out these tips if you are transacting on an online classifieds site.

Final Words

If you are a seller looking to post your online Ads, you should definitely consider using Pepapa as it gives you more reach and you don’t have to pay to be on there, like other solutions on the market.

For buyers, knowing that you will find credible ads saves you a lot of time and stress and Pepapa offers more than just classifieds, by also providing other online resources that you may need.

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