Hello Tonaton, Where is the Search Bar?

There is a lack of a universal search bar. Users should be able to search from almost everywhere/

Tonaton is Ghana’s biggest classified site and one of the most visited sites in the country, in the top 25. Somewhere last year, I made an uninteresting comparison between Tonaton and OLX as well as gave tips on buying from the site.

However, although buying and selling are what Tonaton is primarily set up for. However, there are a variety of users on the site.

I am one of those extreme users of the site. I primarily use it for price comparison and price checks.

Earlier today, I visited the Tonaton website to check for the prices of Playstation Consoles.

So after searching and seeing an ad I wanted to check out, I naturally clicked.

Below is the screen I was greeted with.

Satisfied with the information gathered, I decided to search again for another type of PS4.

Now look back at the image above. There is no search bar.

No Problem, I clicked on the Tonaton logo and behold, no search bar on the homepage too.

For a classifieds site, primarily, people should be searching for stuff and you should make this possible for them. It doesn’t really give users a lot of comforts if they have to navigate two or three pages just to search for something.

Hello Tonaton, kindly add back the search bar. I understand that you may want people to stay more on your pages to view all the ads, but “hiding” the search bar does not seem fair.

Maybe it’s just an A/B testing, maybe it’s a final push. Whatever it is, it is frustrating. When I visit Tonaton, I want to search and find goods and services, not to search for the search bar.

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