Can Google break into the Ghana market?

Mobile phones are a necessity and something many people cannot live without, so it is important that you have the best tool available and you can do all the things you need to do on your phone to the best.

One phone that is trying to break into the top end of phones across the world is the Google Pixel series. As that ambition is one that is progressing well for the company, they are yet to break into the Ghanian population. With a country full of CFD brokers, they are missing out on a great phone that is a snip of the price of other high-end phones.

With many brands dominating the smartphone market it can be a real minefield to decide which is the best smartphone for you. However, in Ghana here are the top ten brands that regular Ghanaians decide to go for:

  1. Samsung
  2. Apple
  3. Nokia
  4. TECNO
  5. Infinix
  6. iTel
  7. Huawei
  8. Xiaomi 
  9. TCL
  10. LG

As you will see Google is not on there and even some smaller companies take the place of it. So can Ghanaians take to the Google Pixel and make it one of the popular brands?

The Google Pixel

The Google Pixel has been on a journey since the first Pixel came onto the market as just a cheap phone and Google encountered many issues with the phone. However, since Pixel 4 came onto the market there has been an increase in quality and more people purchasing the Google product. 

With Google Pixel 6 currently on the market as the latest flagship phone, it has managed to challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung for trying to take the mantle as the best flagship phone.

Why choose it?

With the Google Pixel 7 on the horizon, the 5 & 6 will more than likely become even cheaper than they already are. Pixels are known for being cheaper than other phones on the market but they are still able to offer the same punch as many other phones such as Apple. 

One big draw to the Pixel is the camera and battery life. With one of the best cameras on the market, both selfie and rear camera, it is hard to look past it. Then there is the battery life which can last you all day even if you are playing videos, music or snapping pictures all day.

Can it break into the top ten?

There is no reason why Google cannot break into the Ghana market and be outselling many other phone products along the way. With the ability to connect to other Google products with ease, the people of Ghana really should be looking to grab either the Pixel 5,6 or wait for the 7 and see what they have been missing out on!

Some may think that with a name like Google it will be an expensive product but it is not and you will certainly be able to afford it. 

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