Can You Use mSpy to Monitor and See Deleted Messages?

mSpy is the leading cell phone monitoring software in the industry and can be used to intercept text messages that have been deleted, as well as those that have not yet been sent or received.

In fact, mSpy can even tell you the time the message was deleted and help you determine whether it has already been read by someone else.

You can use this software to ensure your employees or children are not sharing sensitive information on their phones, and to protect yourself against identity theft and cyberbullying.

About mSpy

mSpy is undoubtedly one of the best phone spy apps on the market. It is possible to monitor deleted messages, so you never have to wonder if your partner is cheating on you again.

With mSpy’s powerful monitoring features, you can see deleted messages and call logs. The app’s stealth mode makes it easy for a user to remain undetected, making it perfect for monitoring small children or people with a past of infidelity.

How does mSpy works

mSpy records all of the activity that happens on your device. It collects texts, calls, WhatsApp messages, and even deleted messages.

In order for a message to be deleted it must first be seen by the person who is deleting it. Once they’ve seen it they have an allotted amount of time to delete it, before it’s sent to mSpy’s servers where all of the data’s are stored.

Can you use mSpy to see deleted messages?

This is a very popular question, but the answer is, it depends. If your mobile device does not automatically delete messages after a set time period, then you are able to retrieve deleted messages with mSpy. If your device automatically deletes the messages from your device after you have read them, then there will be no way for you to see those messages again.

How to install mSpy on target phone for iPhone

  1. Go to, purchase a subscription and log in using your credentials.
  2. Once you are in the Dashboard, click on the ‘Set Up New Phone’ button on the left-top section.
  3. Select iPhone from the the device you want to monitor.
  4. Provide your targets Apple ID credentials. Hit the Verify button to continue.
  5. Click on Proceed button to continue.
  6. You are done.

How to install mSpy on target phone for Android

  1. Connect your phone to the internet.
  2. Go to Settings >Security and tick Unknown Sources button.
  3. Now, go to Settings > Security > Google Play Protect  and untick the option named ‘Google Play Protect’.
  4. Download the mSpy app.
  5. Launch All Apps menu (list of all available applications). Open Downloads folder.
  6. Tap on bt.apk file to start installation. If you don’t see the Downloads folder, try to swipe down from the top of the screen and check bt.apk in recent downloads.
  7. If you see a pop-up Complete action using choose Package Installer and click Always.
  8. After opening the bt.apk file, you will need to follow the sequence: Next → Install → Open
  9. Once the installation is complete, tap the Open button to start mSpy. 

Now, you have mSpy installed on the targets phone and anytime you login on a different system, you can track what is going on in that particular phone.

How to retrieve deleted messages with mySpy

With mySpy, deleted messages can be retrieved easily if they are not too old. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your mSpy account t you have created above.
  2. Find deleted messages by opening up Messages.
  3. Select Deleted on the left hand side column.
  4. Select a conversation that you want to view messages from.
  5. Look at the time stamp of the message to determine how old it is.
  6. If the message is more than a week old, then it may not show up anymore.
  7. Once you have found what you are looking for, tap on it to retrieve all information pertaining to that particular message.

Can mSpy be easily detected?

mSpy is made from proprietary code that has been developed with the latest technology and through relentless work to keep it up-to-date.

Users can rest assured that as long as their devices have a secure WiFi connection, their messages will be undetectable. The only way to see deleted messages is if you are the one deleting them on your own.


Yes, you can use myspy to monitor deleted messages. It is the best tool for monitoring of an iPhone or Android phone with the most features for messages, calls, social media use and camera surveillance.

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