How To Create An Anonymous Facebook Account in 2021

While nothing on the web is actually private, having a public Facebook account comes with extra privacy risks. Every picture you upload, friend requests and event invitations you agree to increase – all of it is monitored by the corporate.

If you’re done worrying about what that information could potentially be used for, there are a couple of answers apart from deleting your Facebook account permanently.

You’ll either deactivate your Facebook and switch to Messenger to stay in-tuned together with your friends, or – if you’re not able to stop using the Facebook app – create a replacement anonymous Facebook account.

Also, you can delete messages from your old account before creating the anonymous account or better still leave the messages in your main account.

Why Create an Anonymous Facebook Account

Staying anonymous on Facebook protects your privacy in diverse ways. Should Facebook ever be compromised, you’ll be within the clear if you used a fake name and knowledge when registering your account.

Meaning you don’t need to worry about your personal data falling into bad hands.

Another reason to be anonymous is to avoid unwanted attention from your work colleagues or people from school.

With an anonymous account, you don’t need to add acquaintances and other people you barely know out of politeness and permit them to pay attention to your private life on Facebook.

At the same time, your friends and other people that you simply actually want to maintain on your friend’s list will still know who you actually are, so you won’t be totally disconnected from the digital world.

Finally, you would possibly want to make an anonymous Facebook account for professional reasons. For instance , if you’re running a Facebook page for a business and need to be an admin, you’ll need to tie it to your Facebook account.

How to Make an Anonymous Account on Facebook

When creating an anonymous Facebook account, remember to make it simple. That’s the simplest strategy for when you want to blend in. Follow the steps below to line up your anonymous Facebook page.

  • Create a Burner Email or telephone number – You’ll need an email address or a telephone number to register a new Facebook account.

    If you employ your personal email address, especially one you have once used to check-in for other websites, they are often tied to your data.

    The simplest course of action is to use a short-lived burner email or phone instead. To create a burner phone number, you can use a service like Google Voice or Burner app. Alternatively, create a new email account without adding any personal details.
  • Create a Facebook Account –

Now that you simply have a burner telephone number or email address, you’ll use it to register for Facebook.
Go to and choose to Create a New Account.

Use a fake first and surname, fill in your email or telephone number, add a fake birthday and gender.

Confirm to not use any of your real details to avoid accidentally revealing your identity. Select register to verify. You’ll then receive a confirmation email or a text message from Facebook.

Facebook also will ask permission to access your contacts. Select No to deny access, otherwise, your profile will appear within the People you Know section of other Facebook users.

  • Start Adding Friends – Now that your new Facebook account is confirmed, you’ll add a profile picture or an avatar and begin adding friends.

    Confirm you simply add people that you recognize personally and who are trustworthy. You don’t want your contacts to share the link to your new Facebook page with other users.

    To avoid other users guessing your identity by watching who you’ve got in your friend’s list, set it to non-public in your Facebook settings.

    To try and do that, follow the trail Settings & privacy > Settings > Privacy > How people can find and contact you. Under Who can see your friends list, select Friends or Only me to limit other Facebook users’ access to your friend’s list.

How to Keep Your Privacy on Facebook

Once you begin using your private Facebook account, you ought to be mindful of your actions on Facebook to keep your presence on the platform anonymous.

Apart from simple things like not adding a photograph together with your face as your profile picture, there are other setbacks that you simply can make which will jeopardize your anonymity on Facebook. Here are a couple of tips which will assist you stay truly anonymous.

Check Your Privacy Settings

One of the primary things to try to do after you create your anonymous account is to try to do a privacy checkup on Facebook and adjust your privacy settings in order that you’re not discovered by other users.

Stay Anonymous While on Facebook

In the privacy settings section, you’ll be able to review who can see your Facebook posts and your friends list, likewise as who can contact you on the platform. this can help you keep your activity on Facebook as private as possible.

Never Use Your Real Name on Your New Facebook Page

One of the primary things Facebook will ask you to try and do is to fill in your first and surname . However, after you create the account, you’ll be able to also customize it by editing your id handle (or username) and changing it from random characters to your name or nickname.

It’s best to avoid using anything that may be linked back to your real identity.

Keep Your Personal Details Off Your Bio

When you create a brand new account, Facebook will consistently prompt you to fill in your About section. even if you don’t think the data you’re sharing has relevancy , it’s best to keep any real personal details off your Facebook page to keep it anonymous.


Having an anonymous Facebook account could be a great solution for anyone who’s concerned about their online privacy but also isn’t able to quit social media.

Rather than deleting your Facebook account, you get to maintain it and preserve your digital social life. All without endangering your personal data.

Do you have an anonymous Facebook account? What does one find the most difficult about maintaining anonymity on Facebook? Share your Facebook experience with us within the comments below.

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