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Top Dating Apps in Ghana (2017) according to Google Play Store

This post was part of the Valentine Series. 

We look at the top Dating Apps in Ghana, according to Google Play Store! 14th February is Valentines Day. In this era of  technology and smartphones, technology the love affairs go online too. In February 2017, Mfidie.com put up posts dubbed “#ValentineSpecial” with a focus on Technology and our love lives. This was the third Post in the series.
You can read the first part here: #ValentineSpecial: For Lovers – Every Couple should be using this app and the second part here: #ValentineSpecial: Valentine Messages for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Well, if you are single and looking to date, there are a lot of online resources you can resort to. Most likely, you will be tempted to check out an app that would link you to a possible match. We look at the top 10 dating apps on the Google Play Store. You should check them out especially if you are single and have still not found a date for Valentine or if you simple want to “explore”.

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Top 10 Dating Apps in Ghana

Tap on the name of the app to automatically download it from the Google Play Store.

RankApp NamePublisher
1Hitwe – meet people for freeHitwe
2Meet4U – Chat, Love, Flirt!WILDEC LLC
3OkCupid Datingokcupid.com
4Mingle2: Online Dating & ChatMinglenet
5FastMeet: Chat, Flirt and LoveMobiljoy
6Find Real Love—Premium DatingWILDEC LLC
7Jelly – Meet new PeopleJaumo
8Sugar Mommas DatingApprelate
9Adult Dating Găsește MillionaiOnline Dating, Meet and Date
10Moco – Chat, Meet PeopleJNJ Mobile, Inc

What do you make of these Dating Apps in Ghana? Do you use any dating app that is not on the list? What do you think of these apps? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and don’t forget to share, tweet and rate this post.

This post originally appeared as part of Mfidie.com’s “Valentine Special” series in February.

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February 13, 2017

#3, huh? Quick question, though, is UCC a dating site.
Quite useful 😊

February 14, 2017

Ha! A site should be on the Internet. UCC is a University, right?

February 14, 2017

Oh! Aha! I believe it is.

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