Deciding on What to Blog

It is not easy to decide on what you want to blog. Two things you would definitely want to look at when deciding on what to blog at are your readers and your blogging subject or niche.

First, keep in mind that you are writing for your readers (unless you want to write for yourself only). You need to blog about a topic that will interest your readers and help you gain the kind of readership you want. Most people will read a blog post if it helps them to solve a problem. Therefore, try to get your blog posts to solve problems, if that is possible. Also, most readers will want to learn something new. It is no surprise that blogs that do a lot of “how to” gain more readers. People are willing to learn, and you can help teach them.

Your readers are going to be an integral part of your blog and you must satisfy them. Your blog should not be boring for readers as most of them want to be entertained in one way or the other. You should also provide quality content for your readers so that they know you are serious.

The other thing you need to look at when deciding on what to blog is the subject are you need to blog in. It is true that you can choose to blog about everything and anything at all, but getting a niche is very important if you want to grow and maintain your blog.

Choosing a niche is a bit tricky, but you should choose a niche that is broad. For example: I blog about “Technology in Ghana” and not “Mobile Apps in Ghana”. Choosing a broad niche will help you to get content for your blog. When you start blogging, you would realise the need to have fresh ideas and cornering yourself to a very specific niche like “Life of Ladies in Teshie” would limit the amount of posts you can churn out regularly. Another example of a bad niche is “Christian Events in Accra”. You could make this a bit broad by saying “Events in Accra” or “Christian Events in Ghana”.

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Also check out other people in the niche that you want to enter. If there are people blogging about a subject and they are getting enough content, there is a good chance you would be getting the right amount of content too.

In the next post, we will talk about what you need to start a blog.

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