DStv Ghana Subscription, Packages, Channels & Prices

DStv Ghana is one of the best paid-tv in Ghana. It’s a satellite service introduced by MultiChoice Ghana. DStv Ghana comes with a lot of packages with subscriptions.

It comes loaded with a lot of interesting channels airing from Political, Sports, News, Entertainment, and Socio-economic information around the world.

This service helps the average Ghanaian keep in touch with the happenings of the world in terms of news.

In this article, I will provide all subscriptions, packages, channels & price information of the DStv Ghana service. Keep following the post. DStv packages are not only available in Ghana but in Nigeria too.

DStv Ghana Packages, Channels And Subscription

DStv has various packages with unique channels that provide different information in Ghana and beyond. The costs of the packages aren’t fixed and sometimes are decided by multichoice Ghana.

Understanding the DStv Ghana subscription packages is necessary. Here are a number of the common packages in Ghana you should know:

DStv Packages in Ghana

DStv Premium Package

DStv premium is one of the best DStv packages in Ghana and no doubt about that. It offers a wide range of entertainment from all corners of the world.

It offers about 100 television channels with great programs, news, entertainment, and advertisements which make the service more lively and exciting.

It also comes packed with about 30 audio channels with more exciting stories, entertainment, and more breaking news all across the borders of Sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa, and therefore Africa as a whole.

It also covers channels airing sports news from all prominent leagues of the planet like the English premier league, Spanish La Liga, and others. Generally, the premium package has about 187 channels. It offers a monthly subscription of GHS 340.00

DStv Compact Plus

This service is one of the common DSTV packages in Ghana. Compact plus is considered among the best packages due to how exciting it is.

It offers about 150 channels which mostly air local entertainment, movies, and top stories. There also are multiple games especially football from several top leagues of the world.

Channels from this package also are divided into several sections, a number of which are synonymous with those of premium package. Most of those channels air local and international entertainment, news, and top stories. It comes with a monthly subscription of GHS 210.00

DStv Compact

This pack offers a broad variety of information and is very lovely to the users If you want to find a place where you can get your kids amused.

Lots of entertainment shows like jokes, live sports, and political discussions are all included in this package.

The compact package is the best for you. It has around 166 channels. It comes with a monthly subscription of GHS 140.00

DStv Family

DStv family package in Ghana has on the brink of 140 channels. These channels offer a range of entertainment, news, trending stories which are home-based.

They offer friendly programs and tons of top stories with children channels. It addresses many diverse issues from different regions of the world. The monthly subscription is GHS 75.00

DStv Access

This is a package of fun. this is often what most of the people from Ghana would call it. It’s a little package which has amazing music, stories, and documentaries.

It serves as an introductory package item in DStv family package. It offers about 50 plus channels from categories starting from social lifestyle, sports, music to local content from Ghana. It comes with a subscription pack of GHS 50.00

DStv Add-on Packages

There are add-on packages included in the DStv Ghana services and they are listed below,

  • DStv Great Wall Africa Bouquet. This comes with a GHS 50.00 monthly subscription with about 12 channels.
  • DStv Great Wall Bouquet. This also comes with GHS 29.00 monthly subscription with about 5plus channels.
  • DStv India Bouquet. This comes with GHS135.00 monthly subscription with about 15plus channels.
  • DStv French Touch Bouquet. This comes with GHS 29.00 monthly subscription with about 5plus channels
  • DStv French Plus Bouquet. This comes with GHS 180.00 monthly subscription with about 10plus channels.


For the best entertainment, news, movies, sports DStv Ghana cannot be left out. It’s one of the best subscription services in Ghana and Africa as a whole. In this article, I have provided enhanced details about DStv Ghana.

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