Features To Look Out For When Buying An Android TV Box

There are hundreds or fairly over thousands of Android TV Boxes out there on the market. Selecting the right one to buy may be difficult since you are faced with a lot of options.

Lots of these TV boxes are substandard Chinese products, but there are others like the Nvidia Shield and the Mi Tv Box which are actually pretty solid.

This is not to say, all TV Box produced in China is bad. As a matter of fact, there a lot of people who have used theirs for a year or more that still works great. Personally, I purchased one a year ago from eBay and it’s still working great.

If you are in any way considering to buy a Tv Box, there are some features you should look out for. This post provides all the needed features you should look out for when buying a Tv Box. Below are the features;


Before you buy any Tv Box, reading its reviews should be the first important thing to consider. You should always search for reviews of the particular Box from major shopping sites like Amazon or eBay to see what buyers are actually saying about the product.

This will help you gather facts about the said Box and help you make an informed decision.

Processing Power And Ram

You can’t skip this process because Random Access Memory matters a whole lot. Manufacturers may tell you a particular TV Box has a quad-core processor, but it will shock you to realize the clock-speed is only 1.0 GHz.

When choosing a TV Box, the least RAM you should go for its 2GB. For the processor, you should consider a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU or higher.

Storage Options

Most of the Tv Box comes with 8GB internal out of which the Operating system takes half of it. If you want to keep a large number of downloads, then you have to go for high storage amount Box.

Importantly, be sure the Box you are going for has support for external storage and be sure is not pegged at 32GB. Your TV box should be able to support at least 64GB microSD card.

Available USB Ports

This may sound unimportant to some, but trust me it’s not. Conveniently, your TV box should have at least 2 USB ports. I mean come to think of it, you are most likely going to get a wireless mouse right?

The Bluetooth receiver already takes a port. So if you have just one USB slot, you cannot use your mouse. You should be able to insert your flash drive without the need to remove another peripheral. This is the reason you need two or more ports.

Video Display

Video display is an important feature for video lovers. To some of us, 4K is nothing but a term. If you are part of those who it matters to, be sure the Android Tv you are buying supports 4K videos.

HDMI is the standard and should be included. Features like the dynamic refresh rate and H.265 support should also be considered.

Operating System Version

Do not buy an Android Tv box running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Many of them are still in the market, they will never be updated and you may miss out on apps requiring the most recent Android versions.

Since these Chinese-made Boxes are hardly updated, you should consider choosing a Box with at least Android 7 or up.

Google Play Support

This is very important to consider. Unless you want to go through the hassle of installing GAPPS yourself. Make sure the box you are buying has Google Play.

There are several more features to consider when buying an Android Box, but these are the few important once you should consider at first hand. There are loads of them out there but choosing the right one should not be difficult.


Choosing the best TV box to purchase is value for money. If you buy any Box because it’s too cheap, you would regret buying it. In this article, I share with you the features you should consider when choosing an Android TV Box.

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