Freelancing in Ghana: CediJob Vs 15Ghana

Freelancing business in Ghana is increasing at an increasing rate simply because there is a new freelancing platform in the country.

These platform or websites connect freelancers and their prospective clients together. Gone are the days when one has to do the marketing of his or her freelancing business by themselves, today there are quite a number of platform in Ghana that brings all the freelancers in the country together and they can use this platform to list their services for people who are in need of such service to come and buy.

In the past freelancers in Ghana always depends on referrals and word of mouth in other to get clients for their freelancing service. But thanks to these emerging freelancing websites, today freelancers in Ghana don’t have to go through those hustle before they get their clients.

There are quite a number of freelancing websites by Ghanaian companies. These sites are what make the freelancing business popular in Ghana. They try their best to make sure all the parties involved in a transaction are safe and are well protected from any fraudulent activities.

In the past, I came across some Ghanaian own freelancing website, I tried almost all and have my experience with each of these sites. A few days ago, I wrote an article on how to build credibility as a freelancer in Ghana and since then I’ve been bombarded with a lot of messages from the readers as to which site to begin with as a newbie or as a freelancer who is trying to get more exposure in the freelancing business.

So in this article, I am going to based waypoints on the two most popular freelancing websites in Ghana today. These websites are so far the best and I will try and share all the experience I had with these websites and then at the end, you will decide which one you should consider.

If you have read this article up to this level then by now you should know these two sites that we are going to talk about in this post. The heading title of this post should also tell you the two websites. But, it is good I rehash the two sites again before we begin the actual review.

We are going to consider two freelancing websites called and These sites are what we are going to base our discussion in today’s post. So without wasting any further time let’s look at the first site.


As the name indicated, 15ghana is a freelancing company based in Ghana and is established with the sole purpose of bringing freelancers closer to their clients. 15ghana is among the oldest freelancing platform in the country and up to date is still in operation. I got to know of this website in the year 2016.

During that time, I was in look for the best place to market my service in Ghana and then a friend of mine recommends I search for He said is a new website for freelancers in Ghana. I never believed that but after making some search I stumbled upon the website.

I went through the website then read some review on some of the already purchased services on the website then right away I create my account and listed my job. The very week I listed my job, I landed my first customer on this platform. I made a decent amount of cash on these websites and also make some new clients on this same website.


  1. Is among the oldest freelancing platform Ghana
  2. Every gig on the platform is priced from GHS 15 and above
  3. Trusted escrow service in Ghana freelancing
  4. No delay in the payment of your service revenue
  5. Have a mobile app that you can install and use to monitor your account on a go
  6. Anyone can create an account and start selling for free
  7. Good customer supports both onsite and WhatsApp help care
  8. Well design and self-explanatory navigation


This website is a new entrant to the freelancing business in Ghana and is fast gaining more recognition in the freelancing industry. Cedijob from my recent finding shows that it’s a Kumasi based freelancing sites which have more advanced features than some of the freelancing platform in Ghana including

Unlike most freelancing sites, Cedijob has a section where one can easily find people with the best idea to invest in. this feature made me and most of my freelancing friends love this site the most. The best part of this site that amazes me is the ability to join forces with fellow workers to perform jobs together.

For example, a developer can team up with fellow developers and go for a special job on this site. Even with the likes of Fiverr, Guru,, I have never seen this feature that Cedijob has. Cedijob in my personal view is a game changer in the Ghana freelancing business.

Why Cedijob?

  1. Well design and self-explanatory navigation
  2. Trusted escrow service in Ghana freelancing
  3. No delay in the payment of your service revenue
  4. Filter jobs according to your preferences
  5. Only donate when you get the job.
  6. ability to join forces with fellow workers to perform jobs together
  7. permanent employers can also be found the Cedijob website

Final thoughts

Both websites are a great platform for showcasing your service to clients. They both serve the same factions with similar features. But what made one superior over the other is the long term Goodwill. 15Ghana has been in the system for long and has built up its brand in the eyes of its users. Cedijob, on the other hand, is a new entrant to the industry but has great features which have made it gain much recognition within a short period of time.

Freelancing in Ghana will be better if we have more freelancing platforms where the numerous freelancers can come and trade with clients. With the emergence of these two sites, we are foreseeing a brighter future in the freelancing business in Ghana.

If you are a freelancer in the country and you are not on any of these sites, then you should consider being there because they have clients you can work with. Also if you are a client looking for a freelancer to work on your gig then or should be your number on go to sites.

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